Demisor (12.05.15)

Hi, buddy! How’re you doing?

Hi Alex! Doing good but kindda pretty busy with family and work now.

Let’s get back to the past. Couple of years ago you did a tour in Europe. Was it a pleasant experience? Don’t you want to do it again?

Oh yes! We toured Europe in 2012. It was the peak highlight for all the members actually. It’s been a while since we toured all over again as a band. Of course, if we were given the chance. We’ll do it all over again.

As I rememer, your guitar player left the band… That’s pretty sad, Amirul is one of the founder of Demisor… Have you already found a new guitar player? What is your current line-up?
Yes, Amirul has left the band. It was a great blow for us as it was always his ideas how he moulds Demisor till now. Well no matter what, we in the noisecamp had to respect his decisions and we bid him farewell and wish him good on his next adventures. Still we’re in good terms and he did check on the noisecamp for the latest updates. Yes! We had found a new bassist and a guitarist. Currently the noisecamp comprise of Fahmy – Vocals, Gad – Guitars, Black – Bass and lastly another long term surviving member Jali – Drums.
Also, guys from Tools of the Trade announced split with you… But I assume it’s been postponed for now? Or maybe I’m mistaken and every song have already been recorded with Amirul?
Yes, the split is still in the works. We’re now working hard on it but I like to add in that currently all the members are busy with work commitments and family. It’ll take a while to produce it but surely it will be done. All songs will be done by the new guitarist. So just wait for the next upheavel of madness from the noisecamp.


I know that grindcore is in your heart and will never get out from it, hehe. Tell me what 5 grindcore albums are the most significant in the history of genre, in your opinion?

In my opinion not in particular order :
Napalm Death – Scum
Terrorizer – World Downfall
Nasum – Inhale/ Exhale
Agathocles – Theatric Symbolisation Of Life
Brutal Truth – Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

What Asian country has the most powerful underground scene (aside from Japan)?

To be honest, all Asian countries do have great underground scene. I myself can’t tell you which country have the most powerful scene…. Really! Every country have their own speciality and you have to witness it yourself to experience it.

You’re active for a long time, more than 25 years! And you released only 1 full-length and a ton of splits. I understand that you had problems with line-up and some time-outs, but still, why didn’t you release LP at the end of 90’s, for example? Also, I’ve read about your long-time awaited split with Gore Beyond Necropsy, but unfortunately it didn’t make it out. I suppose you decided to forget about this split and just move on?

Well, we didn’t think of that actually. To release an LP was a big commitment. Like i said, we’re all busy with work and careers back then and now with families adding up to the list of our priorities. It all seems endless… Hahaha… Regarding the split with GxBxN. It was an old issue that I completely forget how and why it doesn’t materialize. Well, we just wanna move on and forget about it.

A lot of bands nowadays use Bandcamp more and more uploading their music. Maybe it’s time for Demisor to do the same?) ‘Cause, you know, it’s nearly impossible to find and listen to some of your releases((

Yeah! I do agree on a lot of bands are using media platforms such as Bandcamp to spread their music. Only recently Demisor used Bandcamp (Yes…. We’re dumb in all this computer thing) and did upload a promo song. You will hear a lot from us more soon on Bandcamp. Trust me…. Hehehe

As I already mentioned, Demisor is more than 25 years old. What can you say about early days of the band? I think you were the first band in Singapore who played grindcore, right?

Oh c’mon! This question makes me feel old… Hahahaha…. Well during the early days. We’re all rebels during our teenage years. But we fought hard as not to get entangled with the laws except for some minor braces with the cops and gangs. Life back then was more laid back and simple. We just jump in on any deals we can find and record songs whenever we can find enough funds for it….LOL …… Yes! You’re right indeed, we are the first band to emerge from this tiny island to play Grindcore. The rest is history….

Have you ever felt like shit and you don’t want to rehearse, write songs etc.? What do you do when you have creative stasis?

A lot of times. In fact, I do had a mental block for almost 2 years back then. But the urge simply comes back and it just comes naturally. Life…… isn’t it wonderful!…. Hehehehe

What can you say about nowaday grind/punk scene in your country?

Well honestly, it is way far more better with shitloads of shows compared back then. But what’s makes it less interesting is a lot of underground politics going on. I couldn’t be bothered by it. Too old to get involved in. I’d rather spend my time with my kids rather than to be involved with something that is slowly rotting the scene slowly.

If I remember it correctly, you were on Obscene Extreme twice! How does it feel to perform on such huge stage?

Yes! 1 in Czech and another 1 in Indonesia. It feels awesome to be able to perform in huge stage. It’s not an everyday affair that we can grind on such a huge stage…. Mostly, we play in small places. We are always contented in what the organizers had in store for us.

What do you think about TV? I don’t know about your country’s TV, but in my country it’s a total garbage, almost all programs make you stupid…

TV is important if the right programmes are viewed. I love to watch documentaries and cartoons. Anyway, it all depends on individuals on what they wanna watch. But honestly….. TV is a mind control machine…

Imagine that I’m a tourist and came to Singapore for a vacation. What would you recommed me to do first, where to go, what to visit etc? And what is the most delicious beer you have there?) 

Well, Singapore is all about food. We are dead famous for our Chilli Crab, Chicken Rice, Fish Head Curries and Rice cooked with coconut milk. I will bring you to the most authentic local food stores and eat till you drop dead. On top of that, capitalist attractions like Universal Studios and so forth on a tiny island called Sentosa. The island was a fortress way back then. So a few remnants of the old fortress still exist. If you’re a paranormal lover. That island too have it’s old scary tales. Beers? The only thing I can recommend here is Tiger Beer! Not really a fan of beer actually but still, that’s Singapore’s own brewed beer…. How’s that?…. Hahahaha

Oh, beer’s over already, and it was my last question)) I sure hope to headbang on your gig sometime in the future! Thank you so much for your answers!

Yeah! Hope so Demisor can play somewhere near you and we can chill over some beers together. Mega Thanx for interviewing Demisor and sorry for the late reply. Cheers to grind and also to friendship!

For more info:

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