Haggus is a 3-piece Mincecore band from Oakland, California, USA. Haggus consists of Hambone (6 strinx/vox), Mincess (4 string/vox) and Lil Gizzard (drums). They churn out a simple yet catchy concoction of early 90’s Mincecore, modern punk and just a hint of gore grind. Haggus recently formed in August of 2014 and in just six short months have toured most of the US and have had 6 releases to date, the most recent being a split with their main influence – the legendary AGATHOCLES. We have many upcoming releases planned such as a Full Length LP entitled “Straight From The Slaughterhouse” (in the works for late 2015!) as well as many splits in the works with many great bands such as ARCHAGATHUS, HYPEREMESIS, PYOSIS, LT. DAN, GIRTH, AGITATE and more. We are currently looking for both US and international labels to help support these releases – so please get in touch if you are interested! We are also always looking for more bands to share releases with so any bands interested also feel free to contact us! We look forward to a very active and busy 2015 and will continue to record and tour as much as possible so stay tuned! Contact us at 

Haggus fb

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