Internal Damage & Fitcage (No Bread rec, Total Punk Records, Extreme Torture Store‎)

Sup, people! What do you know about Russian grind scene? I guess not much, unless you’re some grindcore freak that looks into every nook and cranny. Well, here it is – the release of two solid Russian grindcore bands! I am happy to tell you about this split!
One of the bands is a Saint-Petersburg’s band Internal Damage. The other band is Fitcage from Kazan. These two bands perform old school grindcore that you know very well, you know, that metal-inspired grindcore from the 90’s, hehe!
The songs are all about different distresses of humanity. Especially I should note a constant theme of total control. Artwork for ID side was made by everlong artist John (I highly recommend to look for more of his artworks). Fitcage’s artwork was made by someone named Buhamed (pretty interesting artist, I’m glad that I found him).
Musically these bands are pretty similar, but I think Fitcage has more punk in their music (at least I think so). It really feels like these bands had the same happy grindcore childhood, hehe) Overall fury of their songs will crush your head. I almost forgot, this release has 9 tracks, which will surely be loved by both Michael Jackson’s fans and headbangers! People who love Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Terrorizer and good old school death metal, you should listen to this release!

Rating: 8/10   No Bread rec    Internal Damage   Fitcage 

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