The Kill – Kill Them…All (Obscene Productions)

New album of Australian butchers The Kill was the album I’ve waited for too long. I was literally obsessed with it, listened all those tracks that was on the Internet (like a taunt for a fans). And what did I hear? Well, at the very least, the band did not become worse. The sound is much better than on previous album. Also there are a lot of really headbanging moments that really pump you up. Even more musical chaos and murderous speed. 
First thing I noticed when I started to listen to this album is vocals. The Kill got a new vocalist, and his style is somewhat different from the previous one’s yells, but still it’s not a bad thing at all. The overall sound of stringed instruments is great, the guitars are totally sawing up! Also my respect for the drummer Jay, with every new release he plays even faster. While listening to “Kill Them… All” I thought to myself that he’s the one who’s definitely fits for Agoraphobic Nosebleed as their live drummer! 
19 tracks, ladies and gentlemen, one of them is a cover on legendary Regurgitate, and one of the tracks has an Anthrax’s lyrics in it. 
And finally let’s talk about the cover. It has a very successful mix of red and black. Thanks for not using a generic “block” font for the title. It’s funny how the CD is just black (except Obscene prod. logo) and fits just great for overall design. Artwork was created by awesome man Pierre (owner Brain Dead zine) and made a cool compilation of Evil Dead and The Exorcist characters on it. Ladies that are possessed by demons rips the guy apart with huge pleasure. You know, I would like this artwork for my wall, love all these classic horror movies.

Rating: 9/10          Obscene prod        The Kill  

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