Abortion – Konvert (Lecter Music Agency)

Slovakian band Abortion is one of the symbols of world’s true old school grindcore, and they are still in the game and release their new stuff for us fans! A long time ago a tradition of signing bombs took place, all those American “Little Boy” and “Fat Man”. This bomb is simply named “Konvert”. It’s 6th LP by Abortion, and like always, it’s not overly complicated, fast, straight in-your-face grindcore with a lot of punk moments, just how we love it! Every drum kick, every guitar riff is totally kick-ass! My only complaint is a bit dull vocals… not impressed at all.
The cover is pretty generic for the genre: God (or maybe it’s just saint, I don’t give a damn about it) gives people every “joy” of life, like drugs, weapons, oil and poverty. It’s pretty cool that lyrics are in 2 languages here, Slovakian and English. So now you can finally learn Slovakian while reading their lyrics J You have already bought it, right? If the answer is “no”, then go to your distro and get it! If you still don’t get who are these guys, then it’s time to see for yourself with this LP.
For me “Konvert” is a great medicine to cure depression and shitty mood, caused by attitude of many pigs in uniform.

Rating: 7/10
Abortion fb
Lecter Music Agency

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