Squash Bowels (11.01.15)

Hi, Arthur! How’re you doing, have you already prepared brazier for hot and juicy BBQ?)

Hi Alexander! I’m OK, just I’m preparing next portion of BBQ (ribs, sausage, fishes). Since I started use my own BBQ and smokehouse it’s my perfect time to rest after work. You know, preparing your own products like ham, tenderlion, pork, etc is really exciting ! and of course more tasty than from regular shops. There is nothing to compare. Few days ago I had to throw away sausages from my fridge because my children didn’t want eat it.

Well, you subdued America again. Congrats on that, it’s pretty awesome trip for band from Europe! What do you think about USA’s fans, local beer and burgers?)

Subdued… big word hehe, but thank you! Yes, we have been once again in US and we are  really satisfied!
The trip was not so long beacuse our travel’s partner was bourbon Four Roses hehe.
We arrived two days earlier to visit Niagara Falls, fantastic place. You know, it’s shorter distance from NY (being there) than from Poland? Unfortunately you have strange speed limit on highways- about 110 km/h. This is crazy! We’ve rented big car ( you don’t have small one)  and felt like turtles. We didn’t want to risk meeting with Sheriffs?
Fans who we met were amazing, it  suprised  us that they came on the show to see SB. Many guys with Polish roots…It was mini tour but we would like to say –  thank you – everyone who came to our concerts.
We drunks some beers and only Samuel Adams was ok. Beers like Budweiser and the rest from big breweries was awful. Sorry…  We didn’t have enough time to taste more reals, locals. If someone invite us again we will have occasion to test the others?  Burgers… we are not big fans fast foods, prepared own dishes at our Polish friends where we lived close to NY. On the way only Taco Bell we enjoyed.

You perform as a trio for a long time. I’m no musician, but I think it’s pretty inconvenient to play on the instrument and sing at the same time. Have you ever had a thought to get a vocalist?

We had vocalist years ago, but after kicking him out, play again as a trio. I’m used to play and sing, it’s not a big problem. Of course sometimes there are small beacuse I have to concentrate on the bass and microphone, that’s why can’t  mosh on the stage? Don’t predict separate vocalist, now it’s easier to travel by car, flight, etc.

Arthut, as far as I know, you live in Belgium now. Does this fact interfere with your activity in Squash Bowels?

You know,  I lived in Belgium several years and SB still exist, it means – no problem . From time to time I am in Poland and play together to refresh set list and compose new material. Mariusz and Andy play every weekend and me with my second band Hybrid Viscery as well. So, we don’t  lose contact with instruments?
In the internet age we can play everywhere, if guys compose something , send me file and I learn it, and vice versa. Easy.

While looking for info about SB I noticed that you recently performed in Ireland. Is there a lot of grind freaks? Did you manage to catch a leprechaun by the balls?)

Yes, we have played two shows (Belfast, Dublin).  I don’t know how many grindfreaks there is, but the organizer our concerts said that he didn’t expect so many fans – especially in Belfast. Now there lived a lot of Poles so we met many familiar faces.
During our visiting Cliffs of Moher – famous place in Ireland – I chased one of them , he had pot of gold, but couldn’t catch him. I smoke too many cigarettes hehe.

Your last album Grindcoholism is a lot heavier in terms of sound than the previous one. Maybe it’s my ears trick me, but I feel old-school death metal influences here, hehe))

Maybe it is heavier but also cleaner.  We spent  more time than previous, wanted obtain different sound and…did it. This is our next expierence. You right, people say to us that this album is little bit death metals. Maybe yes , maybe not. I don’t want assess it. If they like Grindcoholism, it means we made good job in studio. While composing we don’t think – this riff is metal and thisone is grind – pointless. We are doing  brutal music. That’s it.

I’ve read your old interview where Andy said that he likes mountains and quiet nature, without two-leg trash infestation. What do you think about it? Are you also a fan of vestal nature, or you prefer concrete jungles and beer in the bars?

I agree with him. I like nature and every free time try to spend out of city. Andy has better situation because he lives  on village, 100 meters from forest, so when he can possibility takes the bike and rides.
I also ride by bike with my family but it’s not so easy . I have to go out of the city dozen kilometers and then start biking. I don’t like concrete jungles but I have to work there, thus after that I drink beer  far away from concrete in my wooden smokehouse.

This year is a 20-year anniversary for Squash Bowels! I shake your hand and congratulate you with this very important event! What was the most successful thing that happened with the band for all these years?

Thank you! It’s already  20 years… time is running. There is no one big thing, we released 6 full albums, many of EPs, splits, we’ve been all around the Europe, seen a lot of places, a lot of people. Maybe tour in US and Mexico was succesful thing. In that time it was really big event. Next before us, I hope.

One of my favorite question is coming, please don’t hate me for this) You released a compilation with your older songs. Have you had an idea to re-issue your splits? For example, this year some of the labels started to re-issue Bapcop’s old stuff. I would like to buy some of your older splits, for example, split with Undinism.

At this moment  – no. We weren’t record label these splits, so don’t have « mother tapes » I know people who like old stuff but nowadays it’s impossible. Our stuff we have but the rest of bands – not.

Continue the phrase: kangaroo, cow and a horse walk into a bar, and a bartender says…

…buckets of whiskey are on the right.

And how did you come up with such strange and funny title for a song – “Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Ass”? Does someone from your band had a negative experience with a horse?)

Hehehe , fortunately not, but who knows. I don’t remember exactly but probably Andy found funny online dictionary,  puted word horse and received some strange phrases. Yes, title is mad.

I know that you’re great friends with Dead Infection, and also with an old legion of Polish bands Neuropathia and Parricide. You made splits with both of them, but not with Dead Infection though. Do you, by any chance, plan to fill this gap in your discography?)

We don’t need special plans, but in case of any proposition we are open. It would be great thing for fans  I think. You have to ask DI about this, if they agreed – we as well.

Back in the days, you just perform your songs great and the horde of fans go to the gigs. Now they’re just being lazy, they want a show. Do you agree with me?

It depends on, sometimes fans are mad, sometimes not. On our gigs people usually make a noise and fun last time. How long? We will see hehe. I noted during death metals gigs people being little bit lazy, I don’t know why, perhaps they afraid about their health condition?

Well, that’s it, I’m glad you found some time for GGGG! Good luck and success in your musical activity!)

Thank you very much for interview, support, good words,  we appreciate it! Hope to meet you and fans on our concerts. See you!

For more info:
Squash Bowels fb

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