Fat Ass Records (11.01.15)

Hi, Pawel! How’s your fat ass doing nowadays?)) beer and sausage diet helps with keeping you in shape, right?)

Hey Alexander thanx for questions ! Me and my Fat Ass Records are doing preety good, yeah thats right im a small fatty pig now with big tammy due to fact no sport in last few months
plus this typicall unhealthy diet beer & fast foods but im done with this things  and like on every beginning of year new plans new diet new life hahaha till February i think

Label is active since really long time. And for all these years you released a lot of various bands. How’s label doing nowadays?

Yes label is still active and will be hopefully for next 10-20 years at least i have fun and time for doing it, im happy that i worked with so many bands i really enjoy sometimes still don’t belive that happene.

Congratulations on your label’s 10-year anniversary! You managed to release a ton of different stuff. How do you feel about Fat Ass Rec. now? Do you plan on releasing something juicy and surprising for your fans on this occasion?

Thanx ! Yes 2015 will be official ten years anniversary, i started to doing this label a little bit more than 10 years ago ahhaa but it was not so serious just 2 cd-r releases & Xeroxed zine. but there was like year or two break after release my first Cd Patologicum/Gruesome Malday so in that case i calculated that 2015 will be 10 year anniversary haha. I feel really great with a fact i doing this so long i really get this spirit after release Dead Infection / Haemorrhage 7’ep that was something for me coz my first 2 grind tapes was Dead Infection – Gratest Shits and Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno so when i get this deal i was like woooooah and after release this ep / mcd i was drunk for 2 weeks haha like my first child  Later more bands come quite easily i think simply get bands they blow my head and make an offer. I  always loved vinyls,  few years i was a collector later sold all of them but still when i have this pice of plastic with nice  sleeve in my hand i feel really good haahah yes i have few ideas to celebrate 10 years anniversary but nothing clear right moment.

How did you come up with such name for your label? Other labels are all about “grind, noise, power, attack” and other generic words in the name. What about you? Maybe you had a negative experience with alcohol, or woke up with a fatass “beauty” in one bed with you?)
I started from doing a zine with that name, i was highly influenced that time by bands like Gronibard, Gut, Purulent Spermcanal Meat Shits and rest Porn Grind and always was disgusted by pictures of this big fat ladies with cats or something so i did not think too much and called it fat ass i was 14 or 15 years old so everything was not too serious for me i just wanted to have zine called fat ass  and after that i was doing label fat ass. Many times i want ed to change that name for like you said for more grind core power attack but fat ass is fat ass hahaha 

You release a lot of material and it sells really fast, what’s the optimal number of copies to release in your opinion?

Well i even did not released 30 of them so i think there is not that much, but some of them were sold out really fast like Wormrot  split or Hemdale split Ep  every Last Days Of Humanity release is very popular too, and i even don’t do trades a lot i think 300-500 is optimal to get money back and have for next release.

I am glad to hear that you release not only black/white stuff but a lot ot colored vinyls, which is cool! Are you trying to make vinyl industry more diverse?)

Yes colored vinyls are preety cool if there is an option to release colored than im doing it, my first releases was black due to money issues but now i can afford do to more things i was not able to do on beginning i think people like colored limited vinyls too. I don’t know anything about vinyl industry hahaha

Was the decision of founding a label spontaneous or did you carefully consider all pros and cons?
Yes it came quite spontaneous i think, simply i never wanted to be just a fan, zine was my first thing in underground a shitty one but i get interested by zine to label.

It’s pretty trivial question, but still, what was your first release? Were you happy when you kept your first “child”?)

My first first cd-r relase was SS Crusher/ Deny Life split limited probably to 30 copies or 20 dont remember. SS Crusher was polish band they did not exist long a mix of crust/punk/grind and Deny Life was French grind/punk band. But first Cd release was Patologicum/Gruesome Malday i did with Andy/Everydayhate i remember when we did  (mostly Andy) artwork for Patologicum in an hour coz we did not have much time due to fact i wanted to have it ready for Obscene Extreme, yeah i was happy with that fact i released it, but as i said before i was devastated when i get dead infection/haemorrhage ep that was something big!

Do you have everyday job, or label is your job? Is it your way to support great bands or to earn money?

Yes im doing small printing company here + label gives me money for life, still don’t have a car still live in one room share flat house with brother but im enjoyed my life and im quite happy that things tourns out like they are now.

What criteria is determinant for you to release band’s material? On what conditions do you release them? I think it would be interesting to know for musicians that read this)

Well im looking for band myself so im writing first with offer to band and conditions are simply f i really like this music im able to release.

What about music writing? Do you play on some instrument? Or you assumed that you’re not into it and decided to concentrate on label?

I always wanted to play in band or something but lack of skills and determination for practise always ended by nothing, i tried to play on guitars and drums but im too shitty for it i think, i used to be vocalist in some grind cover band we have few rehearsal and played songs from blood duster dead infection and etc it was fun but nothing tours out from that….but i still want to start a band and i think i will find time in my life for doing it i have at least 30 years for it.

What’s the most difficult in label’s maintenance and development?

Well on the beginning everything seems to be really difficult, especially selling is not good enought like we are thinking. i think if you are doing label with no help from other person need to learn many things and own mistakes also find good band and conviced them and get their songs is hard too but everybody who is working hard and gives a lot of time for it can develop it to right way and the most important thing is to enjoy it!

What about designs for releases, do you make them by yourself, or you ask for help of artists, or maybe band gives you ready artwork?

Hahah yes i used to do some designs but im too good in this, but i have few people who are helping me with flyers and artworks, of course bands sometimes dlivered everything and its easy to send it for press & print.

Could you remember what is the most successful release in terms of sales?

I think every release was very succesuful, but hemdale sold out in 2 months and i did not trade much that one.

As a huge fan of tapes I would like to know: is there any chance we would see Fat Ass Rec’s releases on tapes, or would it be only vinyl and CDs?

I have some plans few years ago for doing tapes (and i see now it could works really good) but i never found any good company for doing tapes so i never did any and i think now i will not release anything too, just vinyls maybe few Cd, but vinyls are more important  for me i just hate them when i need to pack them very good to protect them and that takes time, even with ready carboard.

Thank you very much for this interview. Stay grind and keep mincing!)

Thank you very much for this questions, i really enjoyed answering on. Cheers!

More info:
Pawel (boss)
Fat Ass shop

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