Six Brew Bantha (16.12.14)

Hi, guys! And let’s get to it right away, first question: what killed the cat?)

I dunno, but any entity out there killing cats had better watch their back. 

Congratulations on completing your mega tour! You’ve visited a lot of countries, performed for Russian bears, how was it overall? And I want to ask, why didn’t you visit Ukraine?(((

Tour was incredible, getting to travel all over Europe and play in so many different countries was really mind blowing.  Met tons of awesome people, the punk infrastructure in Europe is tremendously better organized than in North America and we were blown away with how well we were taken care of everywhere we went.  Seeing all the amazing squats and how much cool shit people over there are accomplishing even in the face of being literally at war with fascists in a lot of countries was really humbling and inspiring.  We had really hoped to visit Ukraine but due to the tense military situation there we were actually having trouble finding a driver who was willing to take us (people saw Russia and Ukraine on our route and asked if we were insane). We ended up compromising by still going to Russia but skipping Ukraine.  Russia was definitely a highlight of the tour so hopefully one day we’ll have the chance to come back and pay you a visit.

Time to ask a bit trivial question… What does your band’s name means?

Our band name meaning is really, really, really deep and meaningful and you probably wouldn’t be able to grasp it if I told you. 

Guys, also congrats with your second LP release! How much is it different from the first one, in your opinion? Who’s going to release it? As far as I remember, you’ve already released it in limited amount of copies, like, 100 copies, right?

The new LP is definitely a bit different from our previous stuff, first thing people will probably notice is that the songs have gotten longer (9 tracks in 18 minutes, total poser bullshit right?) and maybe a bit more complex.  But ultimately it’s the same grindcore idiocy as before.  We’re all very proud of how it turned out.  It’s coming out on SPHC and To Live A Lie Records in the US (both labels we hold in very high esteem and folks we consider dear friends), while Czech label Dead Heroes is handling the European press.  We didn’t have the artwork ready in time for tour so a limited 100 tour edition with a different cover was released for it, Peppa of Dead Heroes drove 200+ km to our show in Prague to deliver our copies to us which was awesome.  I believe he still has a few copies if anyone is looking to make tens of dollars on EBay in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot. I heard from my Greek friends that you got robbed before gig in Greece. I hope it wasn’t very serious, was it?

Correct, we had our van broken into in Athens the night before our gig.  It could have been much worse, strangely the only thing the thieves took were our backpacks, so for the most part all we lost was our clothes.  They didn’t even break the side window, they managed to pop it out and our driver was able to pop it back in afterwards.  It was not the greatest but all things considered it was a gentle robbery.

When I first heard Six Brew Bantha I was very amazed. You perform in very high speed, it’s quite difficult. How long is your live gig? What do you eat to keep up the pace?)

At home we typically play 15-20 minutes, in Europe we lengthened it to more like 25-30 as it seems people on your side of the world tend to expect longer sets, whereas here everyone has short attention spans and it’s not uncommon to see 5 or 6 bands on a grind bill (or even more in some places).  A healthy diet of beer and weed definitely doesn’t hurt.  Actually that’s completely un-true, we’ve played some of the worst sets ever as a result of that diet.

What helps you to write songs? Alcohol, drugs, music, something else?

Mark our guitar player writes all the music, he hates computers and if we waited for his input here we’d probably be waiting forever.  He’s very much a true guitar player who will literally spend all day just sitting around playing.  He’s a huge enthusiast of the legal herbal drug Kratom and I wouldn’t be surprised if that has a bit of an influence on him, we’re also all huge music nerds and the sound of bands like No Comment, Terrorizer, Iron Lung, Discordance Axis, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Excruciating Terror, Nirvana and tons of other crap always helps to guide us.

Do you have some Canadian recipe for hangovers? Or people of Canada are so brutal they don’t have them?)

The only truly effective hangover cure I’ve found is to start drinking again. 

I hope our dear readers would forgive me, I just have to ask. You are a great friends with a lot of bands all over the world, I’m pretty sure you’ve already planned a couple of splits, am I right?)

There are countless bands we would like to do splits with, unfortunately we are chronically slow at writing new material and will never be able to keep pace with all of them.  There’s a 3 way split 7″ with our friends Hummingbird of Death from Boise and Roskopp from Denver in the pipeline, there’s also been talk of a split 7″ with The Afternoon Gentlemen from the UK as well as one with Chiens from France, only time will tell what actually materializes.

What would you choose: perform in dark clothes with occult stuff on it, like Black Sabbath, or shake your asses in spandex like Iron Maiden?)

Somewhere in between.

I hope you’re not this kind of band that don’t hang out after gigs and just go to their rooms, text their girlfriends, drink water and sleep with lacy mask on the face?))

While we are not above texting our girlfriends or sleeping with lacy masks on our face, we definitely prefer to hang out and drink infinite beers after shows.  Sometimes on tour the road catches up with you so if anyone has noticed us disappearing after a gig it’s nothing personal, it probably means we’re sick and/or haven’t slept in days and are physically unable to keep going.

Looking at climatic world map, you can see that there’s not many bands where it’s cold. But global warming sure helps, heh! I know a little about your grind-underground, heard a couple of well-known bands and that’s it. Help us to fix this inequity, tell us about bands from your underground that are worth attention.

Canada has a rad underground scene but all the cities are spread very far apart so it’s not really unified as one the way scenes in geographically smaller countries would be.  Our province is called British Columbia and is on the west coast, we have a pretty strong punk scene with good shows happening frequently, although for grindcore things have been a little slow lately… plenty of people are into this music but lots of bands have broken up in the last year or two with very few popping up to take their place. We’re from Victoria, a smaller city on an island, which due to its geographical nature doesn’t get tons of touring bands coming through but there’s a solid little scene and when shows do happen people are very stoked and appreciative.  Bands worth checking out include Iskra, Storm of Sedition, Not a Cost, Azotobacter and Amnesian.  Not really any other full on grindcore bands in town right now but our gigs are decently attended.  Vancouver is the biggest city and where I currently live, the grind scene here has declined a little in the past year or two but the overall punk scene is very strong and cool shows are always taking place.  Bands here include Mass Grave, Ahna, Haggatha, Osk, Write Off, Snob, Systematik, Kaiten, Poor Form, to name just a few.  There’s a small town called Squamish 45 minutes north of Vancouver with a tiny but dedicated punk scene, people there are totally obsessed with grind and powerviolence.  Throat Slitter, Power Trip and Hoopsnake are all locals hailing from there.  Finally Kamloops 4 hours east of Vancouver is another small town with a rad little scene, they’ve suffered from recent breakups of grind titans Bridgeburner and Skuff but still have some cool bands like Goms, Change, Altercation, Famine and surely others I’m not up to date on.

I know that Canada is famous for their hockey teams. Do you like hockey too and support your local teams, or are you not into this kind of stuff?)

The culture surrounding hockey consists mostly of intellectually devoid jock bros whose energies are expended on starting fights, sexually harassing women and hurling homophobic insults, so while there’s nothing wrong with the game of hockey unto itself you generally don’t see too many punks around here associating with pro sports of any kind.  Unfortunately hockey is indeed a huge deal among most people here and these types of idiots are all over the place.

Aaaaaand final whistle, the game’s over! Thank you so much, guys! If you like, you can add something here, please 🙂      

Thanks for the interview Alex!  Stay punk/keep grinding. 

For more info:
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