Skullhog ‎– The Evil Dead LP

Oh, NO! These stupid students came in this godforsaken camp again! And again, they smoke, fuck and don’t listen to their mommas! But good ol’ maniac will punish them! Prepare to die, suckers!
Netherland’s butchers from a great band Skullhog was formed right where Bile left off. These psychos really love old horror b-movies! The cover is great, looking at it I just want to watch Evil Dead again, hehe! Pavel from Fat Ass Records did a good job and released it on color vinyl, and that makes it even more enjoyable to listen! This album contains 7 songs. I can’t say that there’s much grind in these songs, but it sounds really nasty, like dug-up old grave! I got pumped up by samples from different movies, that’s also great and adds more atmosphere. 
Slow sludgy riffs, raw and primitive vocals, sounds really awesome! I should say, I got myself thinking that I’m listening to some mix of Impetigo, Autopsy, Ghoul, all of it in dead body’s bag! Overall, if you’re a fan of these bands, then that’s what you need! These guys from Netherlands in hockey masks and bloody aprons are waiting for you! Waiting for you to be butchered!

Rating: 7/10                    Order: Fat Ass rec

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