Infest – The Next Will Be Yours CD

France in famous for it’s cheese, wine and crazy as fuck movies. There are also a lot of beautiful vineyards, gorgeous women and huge Eiffel Tower! But let’s not forget that this country is also a motherland of great grindcore bands! 
Infest are my old friends! They were more than once in my hometown doing some rad gigs. Oh, and don’t be confused by the band’s name, it has nothing common with American “Infest”. Here we have their third full-length album “The Next Will Be Yours”… First guitar riff and it already feels like you just got punched in the face! They chose “quality over quantity” way and recorded a bit over 20 minutes, but is it bad? Three main things that make this LP awesome: solid d-beat moments, blastbeats and oldschool-grindcore groove! The sound here deserves at least an applause. After this LP everything else sounded very boring and uninspiring to me. Well, I wouldn’t lie, this band is not like “first echelon”, but they are worth to be called one of the most solid grindcore representatives!
On the cover we may see some long-haired guy with a noose in his hands, and under him is an album’s title: “the next will be yours”, like the band is denouncing how seriously they are to blow our minds with theyr music. By the way, the guy on the cover kinda reminded me of Seth Putnam, hehe)

Rating: 8/10                  Order: Here

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