Disturbance Project – Grita Mientras Puedas CD

Some people start their day with coffee, other people – visiting the toilet, and some people even with booze… My day has started with this new CD from Spanish cowboys Disturbance Project! For a long time these guys were silent, and now on the verge of 2013-2014 they recorded 25 tracks. These songs are nothing new but from their splits, thoroughly re-recorded and went right to listeners. As I said it a hundred times, many bands record their songs with pretty flat and lifeless sound, but DP made their recording just right. I recommend to listen to it full volume so your neighbors feel what kind of infernal stuff is going on near them) Very massive sound, clearly audible guitars, bass… Even the drummer were on some serious speeds, I suppose, ’cause he plays really fast as shit here. Also I should note the decor of this release. The cover is made by Nicolas G. Morales, it turned out to be very stylish and dark in some way, with is a huge social implication, as you expect of grindcore-band. Mix of gray, black and yellow is well-turned here, people who know Spanish can read lyrics and shout along while washing their dirty bodies!) I think there isn’t much left to say about this release, I enjoyed this EveryDayHate’s release completely!

Rating: 8/10                    Order here 

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