Ass To Mouth – Degenerate Lp

Oh, how awesome! Ass To Mouth from Poland is finally presenting their second album! This grub called “Degenerate” is really what I needed to listen to after my mood was ruined by water utility dispatcher. 
The album itself is really good, needless to say that it was released in three different formats (cd, vinyl and tape)! To be completely honest and unprejudiced, I fetched their first album “Kick Ass” from my shelf, I bought this album sometime ago when I was on their gig in my city. Well, I should say they’ve grown up, that’s for sure! Their music is much more saturated and well-recorded! Different vocals, scream / growl / pig squeal are perfectly fit in their tracks, some of the tracks kinda reminded me about rock’n’roll, and it was pretty fun to listen!)
By the way, about formats, I have a vinyl in my possession. The cover is all about aversion and hate towards religion. I think the name of the album here speaks for itself. There is an info note inside. But it’s not as we used to see it, on one side there’s a poster with scary faces of members of the band, the other side has lyrics, gratitudes, contact info up to their phone numbers, and again, their scary faces, hehehe))

Rating: 8.5/10                    Buy it!

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