Sadistic Acts Of Depravity – 4 Way Split CD!

Sadistic Acts of Depravity is one of the most sick and perverted splits in 2013! 4 band from every part of the world! Bulgaria, France, Japan and USA. It was released by Mexican label Diablos Rec. And the artwork is one of the things that make this 4-way split really crazy. Pretty disgusting cover, with a lot of worms, dicks, mutant who has vagina instead of mouth… Blood and gore included, hehe) Also I should note that special feature of this split is a gradual increase of speed, from pretty slow to very fast, almost grindcore-style songs! The first band that opens this split is Fecal Body Incorporated, 5 tracks of pretty slow material, one thing that stand out in this fecal disgrace is a really shattering snare sound! Next band is a French guys Vaginotopsy! They introduced to us pretty good porno/goregrind with deep pig squeals and very dancing nature of their songs. These songs was mixed and mastered by Guyome from legendary Pulmonary Fibrosis! Also, Mark from Mixomatosis and Erwin (ex-LDOH) took part in vocal recording. Third band is a representative of Japanese goregrind scene Vulgaroyal Bloodhill! These guys are one of my favorites! Japanese gore is pretty interesting and sounds different than goregrind from another countries. Short intro, and here we go, they just get to it and show us what they have up their sleeves. They were really generous this time, 10 tracks, that’s awesome! Great bonus here is using samples from horror movies… And the fourth band is from USA! These guys call themselves Gorged Afterbirth. I can’t say i fully enjoyed their stuff, but still it’s pretty good goregrind influenced by brutal death metal (sometimes even by this fashionable slamming brutal death), there are guttural, pig squeal and pitched vocals, and it is definitely helps out for music being interesting. 
Overall, it’s a great release, pretty gross just as you expect, hehe)
Rating: 5/10, 6/10, 8/10, 5/10          Buy:  Diablos Rec

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