Agathocles – From Grey ……. To Black

Well, now I got re-issue of last AGATHOCLES’s album called From Grey… To Black, it was released by two great labels Teriak Rec (Indonesia) and Grindfather Prod (Great Britain). Some people say that Agathocles play the same music for about 30 years, but this album managed to impress me… I don’t even know what to say about it, I heard a lot of bad comments about it. But still, I got myself some beer, turned on the music and here we go! Very strange material, noisy, with a lot of strange samples, definitely not the style of Agathocles, it sounds more like side project of Jan called Jan-AG. But nevertheless I kinda enjoyed this musical perversion (maybe it’s because of beer, hehe)! I think fans of old classic “Razor Sharp Daggers” shook in terror and twisted their molds when they listened to this noise, heh! Overall, experiments in music are good, let the people decide was it successful or not this time, I liked this release though.

Rating: 6/10                           Buy it: HERE

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