Human Cull – Stillborn Nation

The sky is cloudy today, and it’s time to listen some good grindcore. Human Cull was completely unknown to me until recently… I looked on the Internet and found out that this is British band, relatively fresh blood in underground grindcore. They play new school grindcore mixing it up with crust/sludge/death. In the package from EveryDayHate was their CD named “Stillborn Nation”… I listened to it a couple of times and I should say they remind me of Nasum, Pig Destroyer… The sound is very clean and straight, but this is not disturbing at all, on the opposite, it sounds pretty convincing. I should note fast drummer that doesn’t stumble at all and hysterical vocals. About the cover… Trivial black/white, but still decent work. I didn’t get why is there a plane that throws corn that gradually turn into human skulls… maybe this is something related to Vietnam, and maybe this is a reminder about vegetables that grew on some chemical shit… who knows. Oh, by the way, lyrics are well decorated, the lettering is correctly matched, looks and read cool! Overall, this band is worth listening to.

Rating: 7.5/10                         For orders: EveryDayHate

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