Human Error & Psykoanalyysi split CD!

While I was raking musical debris, I found a great split of Hungarian band Human Error and Finnish band Psykoanalyysi. This release was waiting for a long time to finally come out, and at last, Trismus Rec. released it. This CD is made in stylish digipack, 3 segments, classic crust-design, all black’n’white. It is really a job well done, and this CD will definitely take place in my collection. I remember Human Error gig in my town, that was considerably powerful crust-grind tornado… But this CD is completely another story. There is a cool D-BEAT from Human Error! 12 energetic tracks that I enjoyed so much! I recommend to listen to it in the morning, to cheer up! There are also 11 tracks from Finns (cover on Human Error included) that surely keep up the pace with their Hungarian colleagues! This material sounds more punk and all, and that’s pretty cool too. I enjoyed hysterical vocals on there… I think fans of this style of music would like this CD. So don’t waste any precious time, take your wallets and go for it!

Rating: 8/10; 7/10

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