Pulmonary Fibrosis (04.09.14)

Hi, Guyome! Ok, let’s open a bottle of wine and begin! By the way, what wine is the best for fried woman’s breast?) 

Hi Alexander, whisky is better. But here in the center of France we have the best wine, Chinon is really nice. But French girls really like pink wine.

Looking through a huge discography of PxFx, I would like to listen a lot of releases from there, but unfortunately, it’s hard to get some of them, if even possible at all. Many bands release compilations of their old and rare material. Guyome, I demand compilation of PxFx!)

Well, yeah we a huge discography & it still grows years after years. It would be great to release this kind of release, but we haven’t enough time actually, we are very busy with the 3rd album & other releases. If a label is interest to release, for sure we will work on it.

And now we will talk about really important matter! You started to write your 3rd album! Tell us a little about it, when should we wait for the birth of this monster?)

Yeah, we recorded around 20 songs, drums & guitars are done, we started the bass & then we will record the vocals. It take time but we hope that grinders will enjoy it as the previous album. It will be out in 2015, not before I guess, so please be patient.

Guyome, as far as I know, you had some doings with Marc from Mixomatosis, what is this project? Is it active? 

Marc & Fra (Ultimo Mondo Cannibale) started Clotpump few years ago & they asked me to do the drums, we did the first song together & then we continue as a two pieces with Marc. We recorded few songs for a 4 way split cd with TU CARNE / CxQxMxFx & PORNOCAUST, I don’t know about the future. We was supposed to play in Spain, but everyone were busy at that time. I also recorded some drums parts for MIXOMATOSIS.

I guess, even you couldn’t resist doing split with Agathocles, haha! How did it happen? I heard Jan isn’t really fond of goregrind (but it might be just rumors that crazy space nazis spread) 

Underground means Jan & AGATHOCLES, or vice versa. The first step you do in the underground when you listen grind, you find AGATHOCLES, they’re the most respected band. We are friend since a longtime, we did a release on my label in 2001 if I’m right, that was on cd-r. But it was time to press a serious release together & this ep has been successfully done with the help of few cool labels such as Underground Pollution rec, Goatgrind rec, EBC, Aima rec & Cataleptic Remains prod. By the way, we had lot of party together with Jan, Nils, Tony (R.I.P. bro) & the other AG’s members since we started PxFx, we love & respect them till death.

Guyome, do you write songs by yourself? I often see that you’re being credited for every instrument, including vocals.. How are you manage to do it? I remember on your Kiev’s gig you were on back-vocals…

Yeah I do a lot of things in PxFx, that’s my baby & I like to do everything haha. I write something like 90% of all stuffs, I love to do it & be sure the other members create songs as well. I actually record everything by myself, then send the songs to the other members, we jam together & then we record; of course sometimes I record everything for some really underground stuff & because Yanosh (our guitarist) is really busy with his job & his family. We have thousand propositions to do split, so we have to be quick. At shows I still use to do backing vocals, sometimes I can’t fix it so I use to play drums only, but I mostly do backing everytimes.

And a little more about live performances, you had a big tour, if I am not mistaken, after Kiev’s gig you went to Russia. What was the impression of this tour? Is there any chance we would see you again in our countries?) 

This tour was totally awesome, that’s one of the best we did, only 1 week but very intense. I drove everyday & played 2 shows each night. The show in Kiev was really cool & that’s a pity we didn’t got more, but we hope to manage another coming asap. Russia was totally awesome as well, all shows were great, great people, great venue & great place to visit. We had an interview on a local radioshow in Kostroma, a Russian guy talked with a really nice French langage, so it helped us. At the end, I can’t say more about this tour, we just wish to be back very soon to share the stage with cool bands & having fun with our friends & new people.

Oh! I remembered something! You already played in Kiev as a member of Baptized In Vaginal Liquid! What can you say about it? Is there something new from BIVL? I remember that there was condoms with logo of BIVL, ahaha!))

That was on the same tour, 3 of us played in PxFx & BIVL, this band is more into DEVOURMENT, SINTURY style. We started to record the full length album, but it was years ago & we didn’t got enough time to continue. But I really hope to record this album with Yanosh (also guitarist in PxFx & vocalist in Embryopathia), the songs was nice. Yep, we printed some condoms with our logo, they were nice & our friends from SPERMBLOODSHIT did their own one too.

I found on the Internet that art on your last album was made by Luisma from Haemorrhage himself! I assume you will try to involve him on your next album too 

Luisma is a friend since the beginning of PxFx, we are in love in his art since he started to do the Haemorrhage’s artwork. So we contacted him to create something for us, he sent us an awesome sketch, so at the end he got white card & the result was awesome. You’re right, he’s working on the draw for our 3rd album, we are impatient to see the result, it will be another sick piece, as usual.

Basically, I can compare PxFx with Agathocles in terms of split releases. Just how much time it needs to write and record such huge amount of material? Guyome, when was the last time you have slept?))

Thanx for the comparison, AGx is our father haha. I guess we have the same love for sharing split with bands, that’s the underground way, nothing more. Well, writing grinding songs aren’t so difficult, we don’t write lyrics as well, so it help to release a lot of stuff. Well, I actually don’t sleep too much, so I have plenty of time to create lot of songs, mostly for PxFx, but also for my other projects.  

I know you love underground scene very much, love little-known bands and release music on little-known labels, but if you get an offer from some Relapse-like label to release your music, would you agree? 

Our music is underground & it couldn’t be otherwise, people don’t like goregrind so much. After 16 years of existence (1998-2014), we are looking for labels who can help us to distribute our music, so huge label are still welcome of course. But I mean huge label compare to the underground, such as Bizarre Leprous rec, Rotten Roll Rex rec, Rotten Foetus rec, Black Hole prod are the main goregrind labels actually & that’s the kind of labels we need & we like. Relapse rec or other huge labels don’t like our stuff or simply don’t believe in us.

It already became some kind of tradition to ask goregrind bands about movies, ha!) And you wouldn’t get away from this too, what gory and brutal movie cheers you up the most? Did you see what they did with Evil Dead (remake)? 

Peter Jackson did the best movies ever, Bad Taste & Brain Dead, that’s my favourite one. I’ve seen the last Evil Dead but after watching tons of other movies, I forgot how it was, haha. But anyway, I rather like the old one, there is more feeling.

And one more question about that stuff) who is the most horrible and bloody serial murderer and why? 
(“Hitler” and “Stalin” are banned :)) 

Hitler is the most known for what he did, I guess that’s more our generation because it’s not so old. But anyway, both did bad things!!

And now let’s fantasize a little. Would you safe the princess in the castle guarded by carnivorous dragon or you would say “nah, fuck it, I gotta go take a beer”?)

I save the princess first & then drink beer with her.

Thank you so much for your answers! I am really looking forward to your new album! And sure do hope to appear on your gig!)

Thanx a lot for your intie & support, we hope to be back in Ukraine asap & meet all our friends. Cheers to all Good Guys Go Grind blog readers & friends all around the world, cheers!!!

For more info:
PxFx fb

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