Mixomatosis (29.08.14)

Hello Mark! What’s up? drinking your mohito in some sweeming pool with your family and friends?

I’m  grinding thanks hahhahahaa! I’m drinking orange juice with my daughter…

Searching in a veterinary enchiridion i have found out the name of Mixomatosis that means a desease of rabbits. Who is the freak that had the idea to take this name for the band?

The name of MIXOMATOSIS for our fucking band is idea of my guitar player, in our country have tons of rabbits infected for MIXOMATOSIS and we are infected the grinding…

Not so difficult to guess your symble “the rabbit”, who made it so bloody, what is the source of birth of this monster? and have you your own poof rabbit with Mixomatosis logo?)

Our pet are the killer rabbits is our fucking grinding bloody pet. Our oficial logo was drawing for our friend Army of the old band Audiorrea, and  after years inclouded for other friend bloody in this logo.

Please, tell us abit about yout new splite with maxicanian macho Fecalizer…

Fecalizer band contact us for this fucking split CD and we are very  happy we inclouded song of our split 7″ep with Flesh Grinder and some songs recorded 2008 and new fucking sick tracks for this fucking split recording 2014, the german label to release this are very good label Splatter Zombie Records, coming soon release my other band PORNOCAUST on split CD.

And how is your Infeccio Underground Produccions? What new do you prepare to produce?

Infeccio Underground Prod. are my micro underground  label the future release are split 3″ vinyl Mixomatosis/Scuzz at the moment and some co-released cds…. my last news on my label tribute Brutal Truth CD, 6 way split gore grind cd “gorrino Iberico” CD, 4 way split CD Pornocaust/Tu Carne/ Clotpump/CxQxMxFx,  7 way split CD gore,porngrind bands from spain…

I was watching discogs and have found out that you didn’t produce any album or composition on 12 inch vynil….why so? Is it possible that no one from the labels are not intrested with it?

Yes, dont release 12″LP at the moment the labels dont have money for this, FUCK… But i released in my micro Label INFECCIO UNDERGROUND PRODS. 12″ LP SINGLE LIVE SONGS ONLY 5 COPIES ONLY FOR GRIND FREAKS.

Mark as far as i know you have friendship with the guys from Tu Carne and Haemorrhage (so to say your own spanish league of grind hehe). With Tu Carne you had 2 splits and with Haemorrhage none. Attention the question is: if we will be able to see this split in future (with Haemorrhage I mean)?

Yes,  the guys TU CARNE and HEAMORRHAGE are my brothers , the Haemorrhage are a full with the band shows and more… i dont know in the future are split MIXOMATOSIS/HAEMORRHAGE Not problem for us.

I know you play on many different musician instruments, you’re “orchestra man”, ha! Was it difficult to study all of it, what made you to study more and more instruments? 

Yes i play differents instruments… I dont study for playing instruments i only noise hahhahahhahahha! Noise is love bro remember.

A lot of people know that you like to collect music on physical solid carrier. What is the amount of your collection for the actual moment, what is the most expensive (the best) thing among all of it for you?

Yes i’m collector of grindcore, gore grind/noisecore and little hardcore and crust bands… “underground collection” I dont pay expensive money bro grindcore are underground .”enemy of  the music business”.

What is your attitud to italiano-spanish horror movies? Have you any favourite one? Me for exemple, i like to watch films of Lucio Fulci))

Yes the films of Lucio Fulci and hoorror, gore, terror films are like it.

Listening to a lot of gore bands i have noticed that their particularities and sound are depened on the country they are from. Mexican are sounded in their ways, Czechs are by their ways, and what gore scene is do you prefer the most?

I like all scene underground and goregrind, i loved gore grind all of work, Czech are tons of bands and mexico but the rest of countrys are few bands but brutal bands, Belgium, Holland, Austria, ,USA, Spain, France, Italy… All scene gore grind underground are brutality.

What do you advice to watch in Spain at first? (of course for those who arrive for the first time) have you any special places, that are unknown for the most of visitors but are very cool?

All spanish county are oks, the coast, the monuments, the mountain… But NOT the tauromaquia…

Thank you very much! Stay gore! and keep your beer always cold!)

Thanks alot for the fucking underground support bro stay sick and listening grindcore. contact for Mixomatosis or other of my fucking bands on this faceboock or pozilga@yahoo.es
cheers and keep grinding!

For contacts:

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