Teethgrinder – Hellbound 7"

Recently I got message from mail service that my package has been delivered. Next morning, without even having breakfast, I went to get this package. It was a package from great Polish label 

EveryDayHate and there was a lot of cool stuff. Well, let’s begin with young band that makes demonic stuff in Netherlands. Although it’s pretty young band, but there’re experienced musicians in there. When I first saw the name of the band I thought that they wouldn’t impress me at all. Damn I was wrong! Their first EP named Hellbound contains 4 tracks, and if you like Nasum, Afgrund, Feastem then that’s exactly what you need to listen! These four songs completely blasting out your brains! Great sound and mix of fast and slow moments. It’s hard to say more about it, it just needs to be listened! Now let’s see what we got on the cover of this vinyl. Very stylish art with corpses on gallows, the color of the art was chosen right, nothing excessive, everything’s on it’s place. I don’t know who chose the colors for this art (I guess they were really having fun), but it’s definitely a bullseye! This band is a great discovery for me in this year. By the way, they’re working on their new LP, so I would suggest to look forward to it and watch out for the news from them.


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