Diskobra/Displease split CD/tape!

Diskobra/Displease split was released by Trismus Records from Uzhgorod on DIY tape and Pro-CD. I am a really big fan of DIY (you could call it some kind of lifestyle), but I don’t like when you do it carelessly, ’cause you need to put the part of your soul in it. And when I keep this CD in my hands, I feel that they tried real hard on this release, so I should give them a credit for that. Pasteboard case, CD-R and booklet printed on generic printer, looking really good. But enough about appearance. First on this split goes Hungarian band Diskobra, 4 tracks on Hungarian language (and that adds some zest in it), great solid guitar sound, very chipper d-beat. This band is a pleasant finding for me. And then comes Ukrainian d-beat crusties Displease, 3 tracks and cover on legendary At The Gates! I am really fond of this style of vocals, very pushy, a bit of local accent (but nevertheless, sound cool). All tracks are in their style, you can feel burst of energy literally from first sound you hear from them. I should mention track “Нi!” (No!), which speaks of deceit of religion. That’s about it, don’t ignore this release, buy a copy, you’ll definitely won’t regret this!
For orders: trismusrecords@gmail.com

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