Department of Correction & Agathocles Split CD!

This split starts with songs of the band from great country France – DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION. Once I’ve been on their gig, it was pretty damn rad. Well, back to business, hehe)) First guitar riffs are american punk rock style, but then song takes really unexpected course and the massacre begins. Pretty good material, quality sound but not plastic at all, and that’s great. It’s only five tracks, but damn they are good! Listening to this split I began to think that I like this material even more then their LP. They’ve grown as a musicians, and yes, sometimes songs remind me of Massgrav, which is good too. 
And now about the second part of this split, AGATHOCLES side. I never thought that they could impress me like this! Really unexpected sludge material, yes yes yes, exactly raw noisy sludge! Track is about 6 minutes long, raw sound is what makes this song so cool. I think that it’s something like early Fistula, but even dirtier. If you’re into this kind of music, then you will definitely like it, but I’m not sure about fans of oldschool Agathocles.
The cover is pretty generic for this release, but neverthele, what’s inside is the main reason you should give it a try!
Get your copy Here

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