Zombies Eat My Neighbours (13.06.14)

Seat comfortable, be my guest and treat yourself to corrupted politician`s fresh brain. How you doing? What kind of evil do you hide behind the Z.E.M.N.?

Hi! We`re just fine, especially after having fresh brains for breakfast))) `Cause evil is hidden within all of us…
“Zombies” – it`s the experimental cocktail, in which thrash, punk, grindcore are wellshaken and spiced with social oriented lyrics by barman…

What`s new about the recording? All are talking about you having started the recording process!

The recording process was going rather smoothly, but the mixing was difficult!
I`m not quite sure if it could be called album – 9 tracks, a bit more than 20 minutes duration, but you`ll be able to judge our material soon on our Bandcamp

How d`you rate your band growth? Did your manager force this process?

As soon as we`ve got our manager, vocalist has more free time… We`re not profit-oriented band, so the manager was only the method for easy living,  to avoid routine. As for our band progress, you have to be aware, that Zombie is a slow creature, that doesn`t move fast, but definite directed.

It has become a kind of routine  that you always have a trouble with your band members. What`s new? What`s the situation? 

As our bassist says: drummer is a rare creature (beast)! That`s a common problem for many extreme bands. We suffered it too, that`s why we will go to studio process, with seldom acts with a session drummers…

Sasha, I know you are the dealer of herbal teas. Which ones do you personly recommend to our readers to improve the creativity and potency, of course?)

To stimulate your libido you are to have more sex and less all kinds of stimulators)) As for teas, definitely Ivan-chai – is the King of all teas, that was erased from traditions for purpose, because of huge rivalry to traditional Chinese and Indian teas. So I`m trying to make my contribution to a new life of ancient tradition and culture of this drink…

Well, listening to your music I tumble the wild mixture of genres, so what`s the reason and what keeps you away from orthodoxy?   

At start, we were not high-skilled musicians, then we didn`t want to put the limits of a genre and started our experiments in creation of our own style and sound.
Our end of line is undefined, and who knows, maybe we will play in spandex with corpsepaint soon))

Well, to get as much info as possible to underground public, please tell us about members of the band and, of course, about the band itself.

We don`t want to accent on member bios of our members, we`re all from the labour class and we know on our own experience what the hard working means, for now we are shared in other spheres. As for band bio, it started at the end of 2006 in Borodyanka, it’s a small town near Kiev, later we decided to move in the direction of the capital-city, picking up new musicians. That way took us 8 years)))

What`s your opinion of Russian and Ukrainian labels, that release bloody meat? Have you  found the label to release your firstborn?   

With true filial loving and respect. We know most of them personally, but we don`t want to be preveligious – we are the underground even for underground scene…

Who`s your more influential zombie movie master, J. Romero, Luccio Fulci or the king of zombifying the masses Misha Poplavsky (local shit singer)?  

Romero – God, Son, Spirit)))

Guys, what was the first an egg or a hen?)

In the beginning there was punk… Later all the rest…
I don`t have the answer to that philosophical question, but I`m sure about that, where you`ll never find the answer – world religions, `cause they suck.

That`s not a secret, that all the themes for you songs are a result of observing the rotting of masses and excesses of your life. What do you think, what`s the most disgusting in that soup of sick minds?

That`s a long list, that could be changed and added till morning. The worst is that all the government is highly corrupted and playing a prank to the civilians… And people trust their sweet lie and spread it from mouth to mouth. That`s we call Zombies Eat My Neighbours…

Alejandro, do you like buying recording of your favorite band, to keep it in your arms, to read the lyrics while shitting and study the concept of design, or you prefer not to give a fuck and just download it?

That`s true! Physical recordings rule, especially cassettes and vinyl. So sorry that we don`t have money for all that stuff.

What about good old literature? Recently, you probably read up to holes J.Orwell and survival manuals and guerilla war?)

Book – is a film for smart. That`s why we read classics, modern authors and revolt releases with an alternative history view… As for guerilla war, that`s the other question. You won`t win with Molotov cocktails, you would have firearms. Shooting continues in our country and that`s sad…

What`s the song the bugs in your head keep singing? I mean your top 10?)

We need TOP-100 at least)) We like all the genres, from blues to grindcore and sludge, from hip-hop to black metal and classics. Sometimes our mood influences our style direction, sometimes it stands on memory flashes…

“Next station is the last, please leave the train”. “One for the road!”, I`m waiting for your album). 

Thank for the interview and for the ability to announce our information. Wish good health and prosperity to all!Support your local scene!

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