Psycho (10.06.14)

Hi, charlie, how’re you doing? First of all, what people that never heard about psycho (yeah, this kind of things happen too) should know about you?

I am doing well my friend !!!Well, first off we have been together over 30 years – we started in 1981!!! I joined in 1984 !! We started as a
Punk band and we just keep getting faster and faster and more brutal as well! No we are this d.i.y., grind, punk hybrid!

Finally, priest came out to slash all sinners. Judgement day has come) how people react on your new album? I was about to fall off the chair when i found out that you released a new album, i was so shocked)

Most of the reactions have been very good! But you have to expect a few shitty reviews by people “who dont get it” !! We waited way too long to release new material! We are finally happy with this new cd and we do plan more releases right away! Next plans are a flexi disc recorded live at a radio station in mexico 2013… A split 7 inch with mesrine (canada) and another split 7 inch with martyrvore (usa).

You played in a lot of bands, visited a lot of countries. Was it helpful in your life? Maybe you began to understand people more or something?

I love being in a band! We get to travel and meet new people that are into the same kinds of music as we do! And also to meet people that i am friends with for many years but have never met face to face! Sure its always helpful in some ways! Not too sure if i understand people better but its a great to experience. New countries and the food is always great to check out! Traveling is always fun too! Love it!!!

I have old release of fudgeworthy records (to be exact, grossmember and microphallus split) in my collection. As far as i get it, you don’t release music anymore, but still you’re keeping distro, tell us about it a little.

I am still releasing stuff on fudgeworthy records!!! I slowed down for a little while because i lost my “real” job and had no money coming in….i will have a new split 7 inch out by the time you read this!
Its with carnivore mind (bra) and ishitonyourface (bra). And right after that i will have a 10 inch album by gonkulator called “three” and then i plan a split 7 inch with moloch (ukr) and frostmoon eclipse (ukr)
Now onto my distro service….it’s ….i have been running this from my basement for more than 20 years and now finally i am on-line with it!!! Please spread the word!

There are two albums in your discography, but they have a huge time gap, like, 20 years. Is there a reason for it? Was it because there were not enough material?

We always have material… We just didnt have the money to release anything! Then we jumped when karol of self made god offered to release our new stuff! Thank you very much!!! He has some good distribution too! That helps us alot!

I know only a few musicians that still fully active at that age and go on full speed. What’s the secret? What goal are you trying to achieve?

We stay active! I drink alot of pepsi too! We just love playing in a band! We live to play live and have a good time !!! Put out albums…travel etc.! No real big
or important goals. We do things at our own pace!

Do you like to collect vinyls, cassettes, cds? How big is your shelf full of music releases of all kind?

Hell yes!!! I have always had a massive album and 7 inch collection !! I really dont call it collecting tho… More like i buy what i like and listen to it constantly! I am a true fan of the music! Our guitar player Johnny x has a much bigger collection than i do! I would say he is a record collector! He has just about everything! I have like 6 or 7 huge shelves of albums and Johnny has a whole  room dedicated to his collection!

For a long time your covers (psycho/agathocles, the grind years, chainsaw priest) contains some priest with chainsaw. How did you come up with this character? When i saw him, first of all i remembered a butcher from album covers of thrash band from germany Destruction))

The first appearance for our chainsaw priest was on the split 7 inch with Agathocles! (1991) this original idea and artwork was done by Steve-o of the legendary Impetigo! He rules! And he was nice enough to draw us some killer artwork! We liked the chainsaw priest image and decieded to update it with the 2011 re-issue of all our eps and split eps. And put it all on the “grind years” cdand we update it again with “chainsaw priest” in 2014. I guess he has become our sort of mascot!

Music is good, but what about family? I know that you have 2 daughters, how often you spend time with them?)

Yeah music rules but we do have families! Johnny is married and Mike has a girlfriend…. yes i am marries and have 2 kick ass daughters ages 13 and 11! They both play instruments too! One plays the alto horn (kinda like a mini tuba!). And also the xylophone and my younger one plays guitar and the clarinet ! And even my wife plays guitar and even bass at one point! I do spend alot of time with them…. Doing projects relaxing on the couch….yardwork…grocery shopping etc! They are good kids so far!!!

I also heard that there’s going to be a split between 2 minute dreka and psycho. When will it came out? Or maybe it’s too early to speak about it?

Not sure of that right now… I know Brandy wants us to do the split real bad but we have some other offers that might work out better for us! …. No offense to 2 min dreka…ok !!! Working getting out a split live lp with eyehategod. This was recorded back in 2011 when we both played a gig in Italy! Great sound quality too! And possibly a few more split with bands we are really close with.

Everybody remember that you played with GG Allin. I’m sure you answer that question pretty often, but still, tell us some story about yourself and him that you always remember with a smile on your face))

Sure , no problem! Here’s a few quick stories for you ….one time we had a gig with GG (our one and only live gig together!) And before we play GG and the rest of us were getting wasted in my van..
Drinking and smoking a bunch of weed… GG asked me if i wanted a piece of candy … Sure i said .. And he hands me this piece of chocolate bar… I looked closer at it and it had the words ex-lax on it ( if you dont know ex-lax make you shit uncontrollably!)
Ahhhhhh… No thanks GG! Hahahah  i’m good.. He takes it back and eats it! Another time my bands cancerous growth and Psycho were playing a festival at university of new hampshire… We were all hanging around in the massive band roomand there was at least 10 or more drum sets all set up- including mine.. And GG was with some chick and they were both pretty wasted and they started stumbling around and ended up knocking over every drum set in the room!!! I looked over and saw that my set was the only only not destroyed! Awesome!!! When Psycho played we tryed to get GG up to sing our song “meat market” and we asked for GG to come up but i guess at the exact same time he was getting harrassed by the cops for only wearing a jock strap and cowboy boots! We have a video of this part of the gig and saw what happened! GG got dragged out of there! We have many more stories .. But thats good for now!

What Psycho’s song should sound at the funeral of bloody dictators?)

” so this is hell” or “i`m crazy” both would fit! Hahahah!

Do you keep in touch with what’s happening in the punk/grind scene now?

Hell yes!!! More grind and death/black metal tho….i love the crazy shit!!! The sicker the better!!!
Oh, i almost forgot, what film of alfred hitchcock do you like the most?)

You want me to say “psycho” dont you ??? Well my fave hitchcock film was actually “the birds”
It was his first film i had ever watched and it scared the shit outta me! It was only last week!
Hahahah no really i was a teen at the time!
Thank you so much for your answers! And, like always, couple of words from you in the end)

You are very welcome man!!! Thanks for the great questions!!! 
Band members are:
Johnny – guitars and vox
Charlie – drums and vox
Mike – bass and vox 
For more info go to:
For records and merch go to:

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