Perpetual – Grind Your Mind!

It was one hell of an anticipation, but finally, I got this release! Malaysian grind scene is pretty big, there’re new bands form pretty often. 
Now I have the oppotunity to smell the scent of fresh polygraphy of LP from veteran band Perpetual. Grind Your Mind – that is the title of this LP. Art is oldschool style, what’s really great: tanks, soldiers, ruins and lots of human sorrow. Musically it’s basically oldschool grindcore. Massive guitar sound and riffs will surely impress you. Especially I should note vocals here, it’s sounds like canon shooting in your ears. All these 10 songs make you wanna crush and break everything, really recommendable release in collection of grindcore fan! Overall, listening to this LP is definitely enjoyable, but still, there’s some lack of novelty in material and it would have been a lot better if Perpetual tried to make it a bit more interesting in terms of song structure and etc.
Rating: 6/10                                                         For all questions go to Perpetual fb

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