The Kill (05.06.14)

On my questions answers Jay Allen.

Hi, Jay! So, the first question: is it hard for Australian grindster to wake up after a long night of drinking?)

A. I don’t drink as much as I used to and as I am now over 40 it can get pretty hard to get up after a hard night on the drink, when I was younger it was not so hard so I had plenty of big nights.

I read one of your interview once, and there was info that you were preparing new split with Lycanthrophy, but we still didn’t hear it. Should we wait for it at all?

A. At this stage I don’t think this release will be happening unfortunately.

Your band were inactive and active a lot of times, reminds me of Highlander that no matter how many times he was killed he still rise from the grave. Are you immortal as Highlander?)

A. Ha yes the Kill is Immortal. We just like to have a break from it from time to time to recuperate.

I suppose your band was named after a Napalm Death’s song “The Kill”. Do you still like their music, what can you say about their latest album?

A. Yes we were named after that song, old Napalm Death is the main reason I play grindcore. I still like their music it’s not as brutal but it is still grindcore. The latest album is OK, I like how John Zorn is featured on the album.

Who is the biggest fan of Evil Dead and The Exorcist in your band?)
Probably Roby I reckon.
If you had the right to kill one person, who’s gonna be this person, huh?)
Our prime minister Tony Abbott, he is a right wing dick head. He may feature on our artwork for the new album?

Well, time to satisfy the appetites of our readers, hehe. What have you planned for this year and further?

We are currently finishing off our new album and will be doing a European tour through July. Will be playing Obscene Extreme and play fast or don’t fests. Not sure what else yet, local shows and maybe a visit to our neighbours in New Zealand?

You often release your music on your label Blastasfuk Production. I guess it’s very convenient that you don’t rely on other labels and you don’t have to waste your time on finding one. And you got some cash out of it, or Roby takes it all?)

As Roby is in the band he looks after us well. The main thing is we can trust him to promote and do the right thing for the band. The new album will be released locally by Blastasfuk but through Europe it will be released through Obscene extreme.

I think it’s not necessary to introduce famous Australian grindcore bands. But what about young bands? A lot of new interesting bands come out here and there. What new Australian bands would you recommend to listen first?

New Aussie bands that are killer would be Internal Rot, Headless Death,  Ether Rag, Doubled Over, Split Teeth.

And what about legends of Thylacines? They were exterminated, as we know, but still there’re a lot of talks in media about how somebody saw them. Mystic stuff, no less)

Yeah the Tasmanian Tiger. There is yearly sightings of this mystic animal the was made extinct by us humans for farming but I don’t know if these sightings are real or not?

How far did you get to do live gig? Sorry, but I cannot recall if you were in Europe.

A. We have been to the US and played the Maryland Deathfest in 2011.

Have you ever thought about a situation when you have to quit all this underground for the good of your family, for example, if you need to earn more for them?

No not really it doesn’t take up to much time and I can still work full time to make ends meet. Luckily my work let me tour and record and give me the time off to do this. I think age will be what stops me from doing this more than anything

There’re a lot of revolutions, rebels and protests all over the world nowadays. Don’t you think that it’s a part of a system, part of someone’s global plan?

I don’t think this is because of any plans or systems. This is occurring due to Governments oppressing its citizens or revolutions due to greed of the rich and powerful. Class war I suppose?

How many whores can do road train’s driver if he’s young and full of energy, in your opinion?

Well if they are young dumb and full of cum and have a big enough truck I’m sure they can do heaps of whores!

Well, our quiz is over. Thank you so much for this interview. Maybe some final words for our readers?)

Well keep an eye out for the new album should be out very shortly and to any one in Europe come along and check us out and buy me some beer? Cheers and grind on!

For more info look to:
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