Tersanjung 13 (15.05.14)

Hi, guys! Well, let’s start. With what Tersanjung 13 is going to strike the world of underground music now? 

Hi Alex, we do not have the ability to do that, hahahah, we just have fun in our own way. What the hell with this world. we rally happy what we play now, no matter how people like it or not, we were lucky, had many loyal friends who support us to do something for fun.

What’s your favorite character of Star Wars? 

We don’t give a shit with Star Wars movie…. No I mean, I know a lot of cool characters in that film, as well as many of our friends are talking about it. but to be honest I’ve never watched it.

As you know, a ship will sail the way you name it. What is the meaning of a name Tersanjung 13? 

The name “Tersanjung13” itself came up from one of the most popular soap opera in that era without any reason, just for being more “funny”.

Tell us about Tersanjung 13’s line-up. Is Tersanjung 13 your only band?

Dimen play guitars, Moro play drums, Erick on vocals and me play bass, yes I only play on this band. The other member  also played in several other bands, like dimen and moro play in the band called Grave Dancer, Dimen also play guitar on crust epic band called Hellowar, Erick play Drum in Raw Resistance, and me play bass in fast hc punk band called Relationshit! Around 2004 till 2007, and now I decide to play in one band only.

What do you think about fashion-core bands nowadays? You know, tattooed guys with forelocks, standing like crabs with guitar? Don’t you have a desire to take something heavy and hit them in the head so they stop this disgrace?)

Nooooo, I love them, because they love to buy our stuff, hahahah. Seriously we don’t care, we care about our friends who strongly support us by buying our stuff, help us make the gig and others. we really respect them. We can do something with friends.

14 years, it’s pretty damn long! All these years you’ve seen a lot, that’s for sure. Tell us a few of the best stories that Tersanjung 13 has experienced. 

All moments is great, specially when we doing tour, because we have to deal with everything new that we have to get used to. and we think it’s exciting and fun. Get new friends new culture etc.

What can you say about veterans of the scene that come back after a long time of no activity?

I don’t care bro.

We’re surrounded by advertisements, media, news and tons of information noise. How much it affects you? Do you feel like you live in “global village” when you watch news about something that took place on the other side of the globe? 

That’s sucks, but we are born where the world is controlled by technology, all will depend it all, I just use what is useful for me.

What’s the principle of writing new song? What’s the most important aspect in it? 

We always talk about the things around us that we think not good. and we often explain the things that are silly and funny. something serious but packed in fun, so that people are more receptive to our intent.

Ok, let’s fill this information hole here, what Tersanjung 13 is planning right now? Maybe some world tour? 

World tour is only our dream, but who knows bro? hehehehe, erhm for now we have some plan for doing split with awesome bands like: needful things, zudaskrust, and rottingrex. Hopely all plan will done in this year.

Do you keep in touch and hang out with local bands? Maybe you jam in someone’s basement? 

Yes offcourse bro, we have many spot here for hangaout, even only get some alcohol.

Imagine that you woke up in the middle of zombie apocalypse, there’re few survivors, what’re your actions? 

I’m sleep. hahahaha

What bands can you name as fundamental icons in grindcore? 

Code13, Disrupt, Assuck and Unholygrave.

Aaaand here we are at the finish line! Thank you so much for this interview, always remember, guys, always keep your beer cold!) 
Beer not good for our wallet. Hahaha, we have “CIU” or “INTISARI” cheaper and do not need to get a lot of bottles to get drunk, just one bottle can already have fun. Hehehehe, you should try bro!

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