SMG (14.05.14)

Hi, guys! Ok, let’s get it started. Who’s playing in SMG right now? What’s your line-up, who, where, why, etc?

Hello Alex, how  are you today, thanks for being interested to doing i/v with SMG, right now SMG are Ricky – guitar, Randy – Drum and myself AK47 on Vocals
  we’re started in july 2002 in S.A City, Selangor, West Malaysia.

I heard that you made split with my fellow countrymen From Alcohol To Destruction. What can you tell about them? And when will we see the actual cassette?)

Oh, you’re from ukraine too, you heard it right my friend, i never knew FATD before but a guy with i dont know his name till now, ask me to do split with his band and sent me
  FATD bandcamp link, after listening the song and i agree to do split with FATD with be release on tape under Dickcrush Records from USA, still dont know when the tape
  will be out.this is our 2nd time to do split with Ukraine bands after Split 7″ with Necrocanaballistic Vomitorium.

I always wonder how such bands as yours are capable of writing so many songs (I bet you already planned to release 10 splits this year:)) 
What’s the secret, maybe special diet, or hatred toward the world?

No such secret about this man, we all live in same town called Shah Alam, so is easy to rehearsal together anytime we want, special diet? maybe too much black coffee i think =)

What made you to create Selfmadegod? Does that mean that you band’s name is all about conforming nobody but yourself?

Is no such mean about selfmadegod name, is just taken from lyrics of Man is the bastards song called MAN (if im not wrong here), we just use it for our band name,
  that all, nothing special about it.  why we create SMG, because we wanna play raw as fuck as we can.

Do you remember your first release? What was it?

Of course i remember, with is our demo tape/cdr in 2002, half of this demo tracks will appear on split tape with our fave band from brasil, New York Against The Belzebu under Grindfather production from UK.

What do you think about women in grindcore? I love female vocals especially, for example)

Is would be nice if women into grindcore scene, never see any women in grind band here but my fave is from Lycantrophy from czech, she have a crazy fuckin voice

A lot of your releases has the same style of the covers. Tell us, who’s this artist?)

– all artwork from records, split tape or cd done by our drummer randy aka Husni, he is talented artist so far and he also doing artwork for    
  Archagathus, Axed up Comformist … name a few and he also doing painting too

Now about live gigs; do you play shows very often? Do you have a big live experience? What can we expect of a SMG show?  Is there any show and tour planned soon? Do you ever think coming to Europe?

We are rarely playing live now since other members have family/child to taking care off, but if when we playing live, is totally chaos, last time when we playing show in north malaysia,
  i almost broken my leg because kids over there is so fucking crazy, jumping, circle pit like no tomorrow ..etc. so much fun if you tell me.doing tour to europe is our dream
  but we dont have $$$ and time to do it, but who know …

How often do you visit studios, is there any difficulties, especially with periodicity of new splits coming out?

1 or 3 times per month or two or whenever we have free time, and no such difficulties about it for making new splits

I know that Asian cuisine is very interesting. What’s the weirdest meal in local cuisine, in your opinion?

I love some indian food for sure like bread, nan cheese with dhal/spicy sauce, awesome.also malay food sometime spicy and i like vegetarian chinese food too…
  i dont know any weirdest food in local cuisine.if have, i want to try …

Does religion has any influence on your underground scene overall? Maybe there were some difficulties or conflicts? No offence to Muslims, but sometimes they’re being pretty radical. 

So far, i dont think any religion influence underground scene in malaysia, we got few problem with authority before but more into black metal scene.

What is the most pleasant thing that you like to do, except playing in SMG of course?

Love to hangout with my friends, going to the shows,listen to my collection of tapes, checking out new bands at bandcamp…

Do you think humanity will settle all over the universe or it’s doomed to destroy itself? Is there any salvation?

I dont know how to answer it your question here, sorry about that.

Imagine that during the drunk night an UFO comes down to you and strangely shaped guys ask you where’s McDonald’s. Your reaction, what would you do?) 

I will run for like husain bolt for sure =) i cant imagine if UFO comes down to earth, do ever see em in ukraine?

Thank you so much for this interview! I’m looking forward to your split with FATD)

Thank you so much for the interview brother, cool to see someone still doing zine, e-zine like you, as you know Split with FATD is out now and we sold our copy in the minute, cheers to you and all grinder around the world, RAW GRIND FOREVER!!!!


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