Blockheads (02.05.14)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing after Russian hangover?)

Hello Alex, Thank you, we’re fine, hope the same for you. We’re back home after an exhausting weekend but we had a great time. We were not really lucky because we had some problems with our flights, there was a huge strike at the airport in Germany when we flight to Moscow so the flight was delayed and our instruments weren’t in Moscow at our arrival. We had to manage to find some instruments for the gig (thanx again to Nakka). Hopefully, since our return, we have everything back. The show was great, with lots of positive energy and we even had time to visit the Red Square. Good time!

I found out that it’s pretty hard to get your first albums on the Internet. Would it not be great to release all this in digipack, or maybe even vinyl?)

You’re right, our first 2 releases, LAST TRIBES (1995) and WATCH OUT (1998) are completely sold out. Nicolas from Bones Brigade did a repress of those two records in 2000 (called FROM WOMB TO GENOCIDE) but this one is also sold out since a long time. HUMAN PARADE (2001) is also running out. We have no project of reissue for the moment we prefer to focus our energy on new material and new record. But who knows?

Recently I notice the popularity boom of grindcore in France. What about non-extreme music? What’s still famous in your country, what do people listen? Chanson’s still popular?)

Not really sure if it is a real boom but yeah, there is an increasing interest in extreme music here in France, lots of bands started the last years, bands who toured and exposed the French Grindcore scene to the eyes of the world, maybe more than before.
Anyway, Chanson is still very popular, apart that, it is like in every country I think, some people listen what radios/TV channels proposed to them, some others dig in what they like, and it could be classical music, pop music or Grindcore.

As i mentioned in the beginning, about your visit to Moscow, what do you think about our bears, balalaikas and our friendliness?)

Sadly, we didn’t see any bears, nor balalaikas. But we met really friendly and interesting people there.

Things that constantly attend our lives – without a doubt, affect us. Blockheads exists for a long time, how did grindcore affect you?

Indeed, Blockheads is part of our lives. First goes to families, then jobs then Blockheads. It is a passion. And what is better than playing music to evacuate all the stress of a hard working week or to outlet all the shits happen in everyday life? Besides, each concert is a real pleasure and a moment of fun all together. Getting in a van, spending time with your friends, having fun, playing Grindcore gigs…

Trivial question, but still) France is a country of wine, what is the most kickass wine that you ever drank?)

You’re not lucky because we are not wine’s fans 😦 Sad for French people you will say!

Last year your album was released by great and mighty Relapse Records. Could you say that contract with this record label is a real success for grindcore band?

Before signing on Relapse Records, we were not planned this as trying to do a “success”. It is more the facts that they released tons of records we are fans of, they’ve got in their roaster tons of awesome bands we like and their distribution is impressive and worldwide. About promotion, we answered a lot of interviews from different countries. These two aspects contributed to the fact that lots of people from abroad discovered us with this record, and if you considered “success” as hitting new people who never heard of your music, yes, we could say : it is. With the same target since the beginning, trying to play those places aboard.

Continue the phrase: a horse comes into the bar…

Is it a masked one or a real one? (Referred to the Coyote Fest Nakka Grind show).

More than 20 years has passed since the band has been formed, an age to respect, I should say. Looking back at all those good and bad moments that you had, do you still have a fire in your eyes? Will you grind even when you become old farts?)

Of course, we still have the eyes of the tiger. If not, we will stop. As I told you earlier, it is a matter of passion. Since the beginning, nothing is planned and like tons of other bands, we didn’t predict to be there after all these years. So future will tell but as the passion and energy will still be there, we’ll continue this adventure.

Since the Internet became popular, not only media became more developed, but society is degrading even more, people refuse real life because of virtual life. Is there a way to stop it, how do you think?

About networking, we don’t know how to stop it, and if it is needed to be stopped. Internet is a tool, to people to use it smartly. But real life is not a virtual one, and playing Grindcore with friends is way better than evading reality in a false escape.

Fame is a really unpredictable thing) Have you ever heard covers on your songs?
It happened sometimes. It is really cool but we do not really pay attention to it.
Some used to call us the veterans of Grindcore, we didn’t say our last word and the tribute time is not for now.
Do you like to do and take part in gigs at home, for friends, with a case of beer, in someone’s basement?)
We like that kind of shows and some like these in the past were really crazy. But in a practical way, it is sometimes hard to set up now because we have to cover the costs of our trips. I mean, we will not drive 2000kms for a show like this but if we have the opportunity to do one like this, we’ll jump on it.

How much is it important to have close contact with a crowd? Do you like when fans start to mosh, stagedive etc?)

Close contact with people are really important for us. Face to face style! Just because, except we have the instruments and we are on stage, there is no difference between us and people who attempted to our shows. All is about sharing, sharing feeling & energy. And it is way better and fun when people get crazy when you play than no reactions.

Here’s a blitz poll:

Favorite musician? – To many to mention…
Favorite beer? – Guinness & Jeanlain
Favorite crust album? – Doom Fuck Peaceville
Favorite type of cabbage? – Red one, fresh in salad with black raisins

Well, here’s the light in the end of the tunnel, time’s running out, thank you so much for this interview! Say something afterwards)

Thank you Alex for your interest. Stay tuned with our infos/gigs/etc… on our facebook page. See you in the pit!

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