Flesh Police (11.04.14)

Hi, guys! How’s Australia, everything’s fine there? I always wonder about different cool drinks, is there something with eucalypt, maybe beer?)

Hi Alex, things are OK here. Eucalyptus actually doesn’t taste that great so it’s mainly used in cleaning and medicinal products, as far as I know it hasn’t been used in beer yet.

Well, there’s barely any info about a band. So it’s time for you to tell us about yourself. I think it wouldn’t be superfluous.

Well, we are 4 men who all live in Perth, Western Australia. I guess you could say we met through going to shows/playing in other bands etc. As far as the band forming goes, I had some songs written so I asked the other guys if they wanted to try and get something happening and we went from there, pretty standard story really.

Last year I found your demo and I was pretty fucking impressed. How did you come up with an idea of performing oldschool, aggressive, noisy and raw music?

Thanks for the kind words about the demo! We have all been listening to grind and aggressive music for a long time so once we all got into the rehearsal room it happened pretty naturally. We basically just try to write stuff that we would want to listen to ourselves.

I know that there’s monsoons in Australia, for about 2 months, if I’m not mistaken. Does life in the cities stops and everyone’s staying home or in pubs, or everything’s how it always was, life goes on, bands organize gigs, etc?

The wet season only effects the tropical part of the country, we are about 900km south of that so it doesn’t effect us at all haha. For the people living up there though I believe it can be annoying but people still go to work and get on with their lives unless there is a major cyclone, in which case the standard procedure is to lock yourself in a shipping container and get drunk until it passes. Sometimes the cyclones destroy houses and kill people though so it can be pretty serious I guess.

What’s Threskiornis molucca (yeah, ladies and gentlemen, I googled it for a long time to find out what is it:)) on a cover of your demo? And what does it mean at all?

We get asked about this a lot. The Australian White Ibis is just a type of bird that we see around a lot locally, they have a habit of rummaging through garbage bins and just being dirty in general. When we needed an image for the demo cover we didn’t want to do the standard dead bodies/crime scene/etc photo so we just went with the mighty Ibis. It was kind of an in-joke within the band and doesn’t really mean anything, we don’t claim to play Ibiscore or anything. In hindsight it’s pretty dumb but eh, that’s life.

How’s Flesh Police doing now in terms of live gigs?

We have been playing live for a bit over a year so I guess we are reasonably comfortable doing it now, most of our shows have been with friends bands, playing to other friends so it’s normally an OK vibe. Our set is pretty short, usually around 12 minutes with minimal audience interaction, personally I fucking hate seeing bands who talk in between songs or try and tell jokes/argue about what song to play next or whatever, we just try to blast the shit out as loud and fast as possible.

Another simple and stinky question) Do you have any plans on 2014? I hope the band’s not just staying where it is and plans a lot of releases and tour in nearest countries, hehe?)

We have a few things happening this year if nothing fucks up, first being a split 7″ with our friends Split Teeth. We are also nearly finished writing for an EP, the plan is to record that in the next month or so. After that we are planning to tour our east coast later in the year. As far as touring outside Australia, we haven’t even thought about that yet, maybe one day though?

After Obscene Extreme took place in your country, turns out that your underground scene is very deep and there’s a lot of band we didn’t hear earlier. What bands, aside the most popular, would you recommend to our readers?

Internal Rot, The Kill, Shackles, Headless Death, Manhunt, Split Teeth, Doubled Over, People Problem are all good bands worth your time and attention.

There’s very peculiar fauna in your country. A lot of scientists had studied it. What is the most disgusting animal in Australia you’ve ever met?)
We have this type of flying cockroach that is fucking gross, I’m not a fan of them at all. Other than that we just have lots of deadly animals, not many of them are really disgusting though. We have a lot of cool animals like wombats and quokkas though so I guess it evens out.
Band’s cool, but what about your hobbies, guys? Maybe there’s somebody collecting beer cans in your band by any chance?)
For most of us I would say music is our main hobby, we all play in other bands outside of Flesh Police and go to shows/buy records etc. Apart from that I guess just boring shit like reading/watching movies/watching cat videos on the internet. None of us collect beer cans haha, in Australia only shit beer comes in cans so those of us in the band who drink generally stick to bottles.
What do you think about Australian grind-scene being so diverse and distinctive?
I’d say it’s a positive, having interesting bands to listen to/play with can only be a good thing. I have noticed that a lot of Australian bands seem to be much more highly regarded overseas than they are at home though.
Do you read books, guys? And if you do, what’s your position about all that was written becoming real nowadays?
All of us read to varying extents. I’m disappointed that not enough things have come true, I was hoping to be riding my hoverboard on Mars by now. On a serious note though, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be alarmed at the direction the world is heading.
Do you believe that we’re not from this planet and all that stuff?
It’s comforting to think that we are the result of a science experiment and that one day soon our alien creators will lose interest in us and return to wipe us all out but personally I think we are a product of this planet. That said, I don’t think I could ever hope to understand the “how” and “why” involved with that so…
How do your neighbors react when you turn on grindcore at full volume?)
My neighbours are dickheads so hopefully it annoys them.
Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for this interview, guys! And a couple of final words from you here, please \m/
15) No worries! Thankyou for your interest and support, we appreciate it.

For more information look to:
thefleshpolice [at] gmail.com.

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