Looking For An Answer (31.03.14)

Hi, Felix! How much beer usually can drink Spanish grindster?)

Hello Alex, you should to ask a drinker grinder i do not drink any alcohol, unfortunately some of them use to drink too much of that beers so when they are totally drunk they really do not care if is LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER or JUSTIN BIEBER who is playing…

Ok, now back to serious business. On what questions do members of the band look for answers?

I took this name from the band HEALTH HAZARD and their song “looking for an answer” i thought it was a great name for a band, if you are looking for some answer that means that you care about things happening around…

Recently new guy Santi came to your band. Tell us a little about how did you manage to lure into your band ex-vocalist of Nashgul)

Santi did our first tour in Europe in 2005, he always has been around the band and when Inaki, the vocalist in LFAA since 2000 decided left the band we talked with Santi to do the Maryland Death Fest in USA and some other festivals in Europe, he also did our last tour in Europe and small shows here and there so finally and after all he does not vocals in Nashgul anymore so he is the new LFAA vocalist…

You play really infernal music, we wish to know if your skills are not limited to grindcore music. Can you play some Jimi Hendrix music? Or maybe, Flight Of The Bumblebee in original BPM?)

For sure LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER is a grindcore band and that is what we like to    play, but we are not closed minded about music and we listening everything consider good music whatever style is, we like Jimi Hendrix stuff as you mention, i like to listen also classical, folk or ambient music. Some people like to wake up in the morning with MORTICIAN or still listening DEAD INFECTION after a grindcore festival, i prefer to chose the good music with each time moment…

And let’s talk about vegetarianism. What’s your favorite meal, share the recipe)

Vegetarianism is a good step in the idea of respect others animals but it is not the last, veganism should be the target if you really think that animals should be respected as sentients individuals. Indeed we can find some vegetarians with for example 10 years at their backs and still they think that they can give moral lessons to the meat eaters, but the meat eaters can easily ask them about the milk they consume, they are stolen the milk from their babies and then, they are sent to the slaughterhouse in the same way, so the clue is not forget that we were also meat eaters in the past. My fave recipe is always whatever with Seitan, with fryes, vegetables, rise, whatever, here is a good vegan recipes links that you can do good use of it, buen provecho, bon apetite, enjoy your meal!!! http://www.creativegan.net or http://www.vegancooking.com

You didn’t release something new for a long time, but recently you wrote that you started working on new EP. What’s with 3-years off-season, and when will we hear your new release?)

You are right, when we record a new album we like to play it around for some time before begin to create new stuff, you know there are bands releasing an album per year but we think that to create a good album you need your time to do it, we prefer play and play until we get the needed to create something new to play. Right now we are practicing the tracks that we will record next April for a new 7”ep, it will be two new tracks and two cover versions, this time we have decide to record it alive in the studio like a rehearsal and get that sound of intensity and energy, it will be release in collaboration by LIVING DEAD SOCIETY and TRABUK next June/July, this stuff will be the previous of our next new full lenght album…

Question I’ve been asking many times, but still it’s actual. Why humanity try to destroy its own kind and all around them?

Well the fact is that humanity deserve its own extinction, but we think that humanity is not looking for that, it will be a cause and effect thing, humanity is not conscious about self destroy, and when we wake up will be too late that?s for sure, if you have a look to the planet from the outer space the Earth need a total liberation and it way is a mankind extinction, humanity is not gonna do it voluntary, but we will get it unvoluntary, you do not need to predict the future to see it so clear…

What do you think about mainstream movies, music, books? Don’t you think they’re getting worse and worse every year?

I am really not interesting in the mainstream thing so i can talk about it…

I read in your previous interview that you’re keeping your label Under The Knife and release material of your bands. Tell us a little about your label and your bands.

Yeah i used to release stuff from LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER and JUSTICE DEPARTMENT on my own label UNDER THE KNIFE, but it is anymore, now i collaborate to release folk stuff on SOUTHERN EUROPE, i have release my own band COSMOS on 12”Lp and looking for band to make a split 12”Lp in the next months and re-release some stuff on Cd too. Ramon is still active releasing extreme music with LIVING DEAD SOCIAETY.

What does next names mean to you: Agathocles, Napalm Death, Britney Spears, Ron Jeremy?)

Agathocles was one of the grindcore bands i listened and i still have “Black cloud determinate” as one of my favorites, what can i say about the first grindcore band i ever listen in my life, i really love their old stuff “Mentally murdered” “From enslavement to obliteration” and why not “Utopia Banished”. Britney Spears shoud have been the new Madonna generation but she did not get it. Ron Jeremy is an adorable freak…

Felix, do you keep an eye on a political events? Maybe you take part in some protests etc?

Sure i am into politics thing and sure i toke part in all the protest that i consider in justice needed…

I’m from Kiev, so I want to know if we ever see LFAA in post-soviet countries and Kiev in particular?

If you are from Kiev you could to talk us about the real thing in east Ukraine, just beyond all the mass media manipulation all over Europe. I wish to be there playing you can be sure of that, we just need more time for our tour because the Eastern place we have been playing was Poland in a 13 days tour from Spain.

Thirteen question) Do you believe in supernatural evil powers and other stuff like that?

I believe in natural evil powers not need supernatural, the evil power is on the corner and i am very interested in phycology…

What’s the most valuable and important things in underground that keep you in all these years?

The real people, the people who offer you a roof, drive or cook for you, the people doing them self what they want and making the difference in this planet…

Well, that’s all, time to finish our vegetable stew) Cheers, and thank you for this interview!)

You are welcome Alex, thanx to you for the oportunity to talk about some things on your zine and yeah it was a good taste vegetable stew, hope to see you in Kiev sonner than later. Grindcore is raw, veganism is law!!!!!!

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