Noisear (15.01.14)

Hi, Dorian! How’s Noisear doing? I guess you prepared a lot of material for the record, aren’t you?)

Noisear Is doing great! We were on a break since the last show which was last year but we are currently writing for a split with Lycanthropy and a full length as well! Hope fully we can do some live shows this year too!

Dorian, how do you manage to play in four bands (correct me if I’m wrong)? Do you have time for life at all?)

I currently only play in 2 bands Phobia and Noisear. I recently left Excruciating Terror and all other project are on hiatus or studio. Everything we do is arranged ahead of time most of the time so its not too difficult when properly arranged.

When I listen to Noisear, I swear I can literally touch the influence of death metal on your music. What are your favorite death metal bands? Who inspires you on creating such songs? 

Noisear does incorporate alot of different aspects of extreme genres thats how we like it,hybrid and interesting but still full of old school flavor. Most of the death metal we like is from the early 90s like Assuck,Entombed,Gorguts,Suffocation,Malevolent Creation,Morbid Angel,Grave,Deicide etc. We also like a ton of other music too.

What’s the thing that keeps you moving on and doesn’t let you quit music and underground?

Passion,Adrenalin and ppl who are truly touched by our music!

Which of the Noisear’s release was the most enjoyable to work with? I know that Subvert The Dominant Paradigm was recorded in 2 days.)

My personal favorite record of Noisear is a tie betwwen Pyroclastic Turbulent & Subvert. These records have been the most fun to record because almost everyone who has been a member of the noisear family has been present on  these records. The producrion is awesome as well on all 3. Plus we had a lot of fun putting these jams together in the studio on the spot. I guess they are also my faves because they were all spontaneously wriiten and improvised.

You worked with a lot of bands, studios and labels for the years of band’s activity. With whom did you like to work the most? 

Noisear and Phobia have been the most fun because they are my family i grew up with and we have all been friends almost 20 years! we have been through it all!

Is it necessary for an underground band to have a manager, what do you think about it? 

I think a band should be its own manager because everything is handled from within and no outside entitys can falter any communication/booking/etc. DIY! Bryan and i manage Noisear and Shane manages Phobia. nIts good to have a pr agent though dont get me wrong but when it comes to negotiations/etc handle it!
I know that you play with Bryan for a long time. Together you’re making noise in the famous band called Phobia. And Bryan’s active in other bands too, just like you, so the question is: how often Noisear rehearses?

I rehearse everyday of my life if possible! 🙂
You performed in a lot of places. Where the crowd is hotter, home or abroad?)

The crowds are insane everywhere its depending on the energy of the band,interaction w/ the audience mostly but huge fests always have the sickest!!!
And what about stage-diving, do you like to jump off the stage yourself? Or are you a fan of staying to the side with a beer in your hand and enjoying the show?)

Love stage diving just be careful lol! I had a wireless for my guitar and i used to run into the crowd at some shows it was great being a part of the pit but ppl get hurt these guitars are dealdy lol.
Ok, tell us, Dorian, what’s the most awesome bands in USA nowadays in your opinion?

In the us i lke releaser,indisgust,vulva essers,phylum,ktc,absurdity,despise you,and not too many more lol.
If (theoretically) there’s a fire in your house, what would you save first?

My lady and my cat hahaha)
Continue the phrase: grindcore is…

My life!
I shake your hand firmly! Thank you so much for your time. Any last words from uncle Dorian?))

Thank you and keep on grinding!!!!!
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