Malignant Tumour (04.01.14)

Hi, Bilos! How’re you doin’? I should say, I am really fond of your new album. How was the recording process, was there any difficulties (except hangovers)?))

Hell-o in this new year 2014. I like to hear that you like our new album. I like it too. Hehehe… Recording process in Stage One Studio was totally easy and working with Andy Classen is great experience and we had no any difficulties…just some hangovers as you said.

There’s some changes in MT’s line-up. Could you tell us about your new hammerdrummer, and also I would like to know where did the previous drummer go? 

It?s more than year we have our new drummer Peter. He is really good musician and great person, really friend and it what counts in the band. He has great sense of humour and he is very responsible.  We are very happy to have him in the family. As for our previous drummer David, he stops playing, maybe just sometime he is jamming with some friends but not anything close to extreme music anymore. He just burnt away and he was not anymore interesting in this kind of music, travelling, touring…and all those things you are doing if you in rock’n’roll band.

It’s a fact that cant’t be avoided that MT for the last few years has become a highly considered band. Tours, huge festivals. You even toured with the legendary POSSESSED! What can you say about this progress? 
It’s very simple. We are hard working band and yes, sometimes we had a bit of luck to be in right time at right place. But we are still working hard and we will. It’s our natural habit.  If you doing this things for more than 20 years, people are more focusing on the band and maybe we become a bit more popular, but if people like our music and things we are doing, it’s just normal, isn’t it?
There were a lot of changes in the band, especially in musical direction. Do you listen to your old records? Tell us a story about the older MT (the gore one). 
History of the band is history and I don’t like to speak about it. I don’t spit on our beginnings, no, I still am proud what we have done in past same as what we are doing today. I can see progression in the band music and If it sounds a bit diferrent than 15 years ago, I can still see some sticking points in our music today and in past. What changing constantly is our lyrics…every album is mostly about something else, but some topics are still the same.
Well, I already started this topic, do you have any thoughts about a gig of your old grindcore songs? 
Hmm….many people asking for this and I have to say that I don’t think it will ever happen in future. We always putting some our old grind songs when we have a special show, for example when we had our 20th anniversary show we played some very old songs and it was great, but we don’t plan it for regular show. We better focusing on our new songs, basicaly as every band doing. But you never know what future will bring…
You announced the Mexico tour. What do you expect of this mysterious country of tequila and hot chicks?)) Have you bought the sombreros already?) 
Hahahaha….I had some sombrero but someone stole me it about two years ago. Well, we are really looking forward to come and see Mexico and our fans in there. I guess it will be huge party and hopefully we make this tour some kind of succes. I heard from some of our frinds who already played there that we can expect one of the craziest crowd, and hot chicks as well….so i am looking forward. Oh yes!!!
By the way, for the last 7 years you were releasing only LP’s. What about splits? Do you plan to make one sometime or you decided to devote yourselves to long-plays? You played in a lot of bands, listened to a lot of records and you keep supporting underground scene for a long time. 
Oh yes, we didn?t released any split for long time and that’s just we have no time for this. If we are doing new songs we are focusing to make a full lenght album and that’s it.  But we already have a new recording of one new and one older song for our upcomming split 7“EP with mexican band ACIDEZ. This split will releasing Cadaver Productions from Mexico as our common work for already mentioned mexican tour. We receiving many offers for splits in any formats and even i would like to do it, it’s impossible. If we are looking for some split, it must be special in some kind.
What do you think about the current generation of musicians (metal, grindcore)? Is there a lot of a decent ones? What do you like or do not like about new bands? 
Oh, metal musicians today are quite better musicians in meaning of technical playing their instruments, but today you have many of studio things which helps you to make a greater sound, all the digital cutting make your music clean, with no mistakes but also heartless…just cold. I don’t know what to think about it. I have my own way. But some of the new productions I really like. But as you can imagine I prefer classic old productions. Raw and dirty.
And what do you do aside MT’s activity? ‘Cause nowadays you can’t make a lot of money from selling CD’s (or am I mistaken?)). What’s your job in your everyday life?) 
Hahaha….no one making living from band. We all having a daily jobs and trust me it’s quite pain in the ass to do them every day then lick your boss balls to have days off for touring. What exactly are our jobs is not important, but nothing speciall, just boring daily work.
It would be helpful to know your current rider. I think, everyone who visited your gig, definitely wants to see you again, and even in his own city. 
In that case take a look at our web site where you can find all of our confirmed shows fro 2014. And if you like to see us in your town, just write us and place offer.
Previous album was released by Metal Age Production, but Overdose & Overdrive was released by german War Anthem Records. Was it because there’re better conditions, maybe Metal Age didn’t complete their part of a contract or something? 
Basically you are right. We had some non-fulfilment things from side of Metal Age, so we were looking for some other label. We have been introducing to War Anthem by our german booker Ralph and after some time thea said they want to release our album. Surely they have a better and greater promotion and distribution. And we are really happy with things they are doing for us and they are happy with us as well. We spoke about next album and they are interesting in it to release it too, so we can focus on music work and not on looking for another label.
And also, I’ve noticed that MT’s music hadn’t released on a cassettes for a long time. Nowadays it’s getting popular to record and release music on a cassettes… What’s your opinion about this format? 
I LOVE tapes. I have milions of demos on tapes at home and some of them are really rare stuff. I would like to  release our music on tape too, but in europe no one buy tapes. We can release it in countries of Latin America, or Asia but we got no offer for this so far. But I am sure there will be some of our bootlegs…
How do you relax? Tours, gigs and everyday job really tires. What’s on the list: booze, women, movies? Something that I didn’t mention?) 
Relax for me mean that I am sleeping. I also watch movies. I like classics action like Rambo
or some old horrors like Omen etc…After a huge new years eve party I have to detox my organism quite much. So now it’s time to see my doctor.
Thank you for your time and your attention. Cheers, good luck to Malignant Tumour, do a great as hell shows in Mexico!) 

Thanx a lot for this interview. It was pleasure to answer your questions. I wish to all our fans, friends all the best to new year 2014 and hope to see you all on the road somewhere.
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