Dead in the Dirt (03.12.13)

Hi, guys! It’s great to have this interview with you! Ok, let’s start) What are you up to at the moment? Is there any surprises you’re preparing for your fans, maybe?

We just arrived home from about two USA, one Euro, and one SE Asia tour, spanning over the past 4 months. We are currently enjoying much needed rest and time with our loved ones. We are planning another Euro tour to take place next summer, and perhaps a bit of writing in our down time.

Tell us about your most memorable things in Dead In The Dirt activity – personally for you?

Personally, having the opportunity and privilege to tour and see the world is payment enough for my efforts regarding this project. Experiencing other cultures around the world, meeting like-minded individuals, and seeing bands I never thought I would see; all make for an extremely memorable experience.

What do you think about non-extreme music? Do you have some other favorite kinds of music except grindcore and all that?

To be honest, I find a lot of heavy music to be boring, repetitive, and lacking depth. Collectively, we all listen to other genre’s more than grindcore. We are all fans of classic music, as well as our fair share of contemporary. Personally, I am into goth/industrial, folk, screamo(skramz), and classic country. We also draw quite a lot of influence from non-extreme music in writing songs and lyrics. In my opinion, current extreme music has severe shortcomings and most times I can’t enjoy things at face value, there has to be something more.

I’m really glad to know that you went to perform in Asia. It’s kinda rare to do something like that. How’s the tour in general, was there any difficulties (road, getting a visa, something else)?

It was our absolute pleasure to tour there, we only dreamed of having that opportunity, and it was a completely invaluable experience. There was minimal difficulties on the road, other than the lack of rest. We had to take a plane almost everyday it seemed to get from place to place. The scene there is really thriving, and we are extremely thankful to have been a part of it.

Is there something like charity gigs to make some money to organize tour to some bands take place in your country? (For example, in our country started a charity gigs so asian band Tersanjung 13 can perform here)
I have never heard of anything like that going down in our scene, but it sounds like a great idea. Americans are pretty spoiled when it comes to seeing bands, we care very little about making an effort to even keep our scenes thriving. Bands that want to play here rarely make their money for travel back, but the same with SE Asia, I think its more about the experience.
What do you like to do aside playing in the band and everyday job?
I like to spend time with my wife and dog, cook food, watch movies… haha boring stuff like that. I spend most of my off time with my family or traveling. A lot of people I know try too hard to cram as much as they can into a day, I would rather just sit and watch the world spin.
How did you come up with an idea to start a new band and play such heavy and loud music? ‘Cause before Dead In The Dirt, all of you played in different bands and in different styles.
I had wanted to do a band like DITD since I was in school over ten years ago, the problem was finding members. The part of the US I’m from is not like New York or California, finding people who are into any sort of alternative culture is extremely rare. So I was forced to wait to find someone who was interested in starting a band that shared my same views. 
As a matter of fact, underground bands like to do splits with other bands, I’d rather say, it’s an intergral part of underground scene. But you still didn’t make one. Do you plan to release split sometime or it’s a band’s course – not to make splits?
We have definitely thought about it, but our current recording agreement doesn’t really yield itself to such a thing. I think we may do another band that I am sure will be interested and able to do splits within the next year. 
Also, I know that you’re vegans. What did you like from asian cuisine? And is it hard to get healthy products? ’cause, y’know, GMO everywhere(
It was actually extremely easy to eat healthy on the road in Asia. Most of the promoters were familiar with our dietary restrictions and were able to point us the right direction to a place that catered to us. I am already missing the food, it was really quite incredible.
Reading your band’s name, I start to think about some inner meaning in it. Does “Dead In The Dirt” stands for something or it’s just a band’s name, nothing more?
We got our name from a band we all like called The Swarm. The inner meaning of name is also our ethic as a band, which is similar to the notion of “memento mori”. We are all going to die and its important to live with that truth every day and use to guide you.
As an Eastern European, I’d like to make things clear about situation in your country. Judging by the information that we get here, things are going not so well there (unemployment, high taxes, etc)
It’s strange how much we these topics were brought  to while we were touring overseas. There is really no way to tell what is true or exaggerated in public media. Everything seems as fucked up as it always has. This country has seemed on the verge of collapse since I was born. So all I know is to wait and be prepared for the worst. 
Sorry if this question’s a little rough, but what’s SXE to you? ‘Cause I asked our guys about it, and they couldn’t come up with something specific, just described healthy lifestyle and called it sxe(
To me straight edge is about resistance as well as being the living antithesis of a “normal” person. I have heard every argument from outsiders and insiders on the shortcomings of this mindset, and each one is just as weak as the next. Inebriation has always been a supreme form of escapism and a scapegoat for bad decisions. I will never understand or belong to that culture.
Is there some bands that you’re inspired by? Bands, which music is totally gets you all pumped up and helps you to come up with the songs that we’re having a joy to hear?)
DROPDEAD, Napalm Death, Chain of Strength, Youth of Today…
Thank you very much for this interview, guys! Maybe, you’d like to say something to your fans afterwards?)
Thank you for reading this and for your support!! Grind For Life.


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