Nausea (19.11.13)

I’m very glad that Nausea is back in business! Introduce, please, the members of the band at the moment. Is there someone new in the band?

Hello and thank you much for your interest in the band, we currently have 2 new soldiers helping us out: Leon del Muerte on Guitars/vocals (Murder Construct,Ex-exhumed,Intronaut,Impaled), Alejandro Corredor on Bass (DDLM) and of course the originators Oscar Garcia /Guitars/vocals and Myself Eric Castro On Drums, and really glad to be back in business.

Is it right to say that the main reason of your reunion is a nostalgia for concerts, records, fans? 

To a certain point it can be said so,but personally it was a needed thing to do ,Oscar had pretty much decided to back off from music due to personal reasons, I always have kept a healthy friendship with him thru the years, so at reunions our kids parties, here and there I would bring up the getting NAUSEA back together to make some more noise, until one day he just called me up and told me “LETS BOOK A REHEARSAL ROOM AND GET BACK TO IT”. It was great news to my ears, so we took it once again from there got a hold of some friends that recommended and introduced us to Leon/alejandro and here we are!

Also your first album and demo were re-released. And soon we will hear your new album! What to expect? You’re making it sound oldschool, or maybe some experiments take place? 

Yes, our first album has been re mastered and reissued on LP/CD “Ripping storm records / Hammerheart records” and our Complete World struggles Demos LP under FOAD records in italy.. our new album consisct of the same old school NAUSEA sound, we have refused to change. I would describe it as A pissed off with Life Grindcore album that will not disappoint our loyal followers and fans worldwide. it will be out on Willowtip records and Vinyl via Deep Six records January 2014 worldwide…

Eric you must be still a big fan of extreme music, and you keep an eye on an underground scene. What new bands you have noted for yourself? 

Yes, of course, I am a follower of extreme chaotic music. its been hard, since now there is so much competition and upcoming bands in this field. some I must say good, some terrible. I strongly believe that music in general and that includes grind core/extreme metal must have the required changes in a song to make it interesting. there is many, many bands that sound the same Blast/Growl ..Blast/Growl ..Blast/Growl that by listening to the first song off their album, you have just heard them all, meaning they all sound the same, but that is just my personal view and opinion..and as far as new bands I am still searching. I have been listening to mostly old existing bands like Revenge from Canada, also still old school Dbeat that I never seem to get tired of: Old Discharge,Doom..Coffins from japan is great,some old powerviolence NO COMMENT/Infest ,black metal from Black witcherykills!I have also been blasting lately a friend of mines(Jerry flores) band Bloody Phoenix, good pissed off road rage noise. 
Why drums? Why not violin? =) How did you choose an instrument to play on?

Hahaha yes well I think drums are the most powerful instrument to release what you feel whether you are Pissed off,happy or even sad, I would of loved to have also played Violin ,My father is also a drummer, so ever since I was born, I have been surrounded by drums and percussion sounds, so that would be also a main reason I chose to play drums.
What is the source of inspiration for writing lyrics and music? Society, religion, war, politics, music industry or all of the above? Or maybe it’s a message from the bottom of your heart, as you might say, blind hatred for everything? 

You have pretty much described entire inspiration of what nausea’s music is all about deceptions of life in all forms and shapes Society,Politicians,False religions,Drugs music for the angry people.
How did such a big wave of reunions happen? Nausea, Infest, Rot, Excrutiating Terror and even Hemdale are back! 

Mmmmm? Not quite sure but as for us NAUSEA like I mentioned earlier, it was a needed missing link in our lives to cope and deal with our daily struggles. to me it’s a form of therapy that I will always need, I was very impressed on the strong acceptance of our old loyal fans and our new fans after many years and say a second break. I must say I am in shock and very thankful to all for sticking around for many years.
I heard that one of the parts of legendary Obscene Extreme Festival will take place in Los Angeles. Have you got an invitation already? 

While in Czech republic during our European tour we met and spoke to the organizer of the festival amazing great guy and yes we briefly spoke about the idea of the event taking place in our home town so hopefully we get a chance to be part of this legendary event.
Eric, I don’t want to insult you, but I noticed that the most of the tracks on a new album aren’t really new… Explain the situation, please. 
The new album consists of new and old songs that where never recorded & how they should have been. we do have a few new tracks on the album such as And we suffer..Hate and deception..falsley accused to name a few. this is basically to show what’s to come in the NAUSEA future., and never an insult. it is just your personal view and opinion, my friend.
Recently you revived the customs of the good old days in Europe. What was the most memorable thing there? 
Oh man, it was such a great experience, while out there every single show was amazing and brutal, the people where all great, the German beer was the best, the bread unforgettable (American bread sucks! ), our tour manager/booking agency gave us the best treatment we can ask for, as memorable things I can recall might have been a few! got drunker than drunk on our first night in Belgium, drinking homemade booze that one of our friends treated us to. that was insane, also shitting bricks lost driving thru the alps in Switzerland snowing at 4 am with NO gas on our way to Italy. that I will never forget,a memorable thing was I got a chance to visit an old castle while in Slovenia, really late at night Europe was great. I love my town but I wouldn’t mind taking some time off to live out in Europe.
What was the most terrible/disgusting thing you’ve done in your life?

Many terrible, one’s that hunt me that I rather keep them locked in back of my head, disgusting not many at all.
I guess, you know that there are some bands with the same name as yours – Nausea. Have you listened to their music, what do you think about them? 
I have been aware, no thought at all. I have not yet heard any of their music, basically, just not interested at all, they do and have their own sound style.
Refresh a memory about your first show after reunion. Is there a difference between Nausea of nowadays and older Nausea (performance, energy)?
Mmmm, actually the first back to business show was not so great. I must say we had not played together with the new line up live at all, and not to say rehearsal not many. it was ok I must say, but now we have all made that click, and I must say we are sounding better than we had ever sounded. we have a great team at the moment lots of energy in all forms on stage and off stage.
As a matter of fact, it’s very popular now to release music on tapes. Was there some offers to make a tape release and what is your opinion about it? 
Yes, I have noticed that lately, and no, we have not been offered to release any of our recordings on cassette. I think we can stick with vinyl for now, in my opinion.
If aliens would come to you in the middle of the night and ask “what is grindcore?”, what would you answer? =) 
I would say Grindcore is music for the Oppressed, Depressed, the drunks, the druggies and the pissed off people of the world, is what I would say.
Thank you so much for this interview! LONG LIVE NAUSEA! 
You are very welcome, thank you for having us on your zine, good luck,and major thanks to all our followers ,and believers in NAUSEA 2013 thru the years, glad you all still dig our Noise and our form of expression, look out for our new release “Condemned to the system” in 2014 and more in the coming year, shows and more noise, for updates visit our facebook page nauseagrindcore …..The suffering will always continue..!


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