Nahu (02.11.13)

Hi, guys! Glad to have this conversation with you. How’re you doing?

Hello! My name is Zinman, Nahu’s Drums. We are doing very good in these days. And we just finished SUNEATERS Fest which is Korean Grindcore/Hardcored Fest hosted by us. It was kind of tough to arrange, but we had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, I found out about you only last year. Tell us about a band in general. I only know that you are active since 1999.

 Like you mentioned, Nahu was formed in 1999. Different with present, but Nahu was 4 units band in that time, also music was slightly different. That time’s Nahu played and composed metal and death metal songs. While time goes by, each member’s personal problems, Nahu had transformed 4 units to 3 units, and now we are 2 units.

Your album is really a kick in the teeth. How it is accepted by world of underground music? Got a great feedback? Was it hard to make such juicy material? =)
We are really appreciated with your sweet feedback. Actually, we didn’t intend to spread our album to the world. Just we wanted, if more people listened to Nahu’s album that would be awesome. So we uploaded our first album on media-fire. After we noticed about uploading one on the facebook page, many people downloaded our album and shared the link. It was amazing that [Eternal Recurrence Of Carnage] was spread so fast. Not only increased number of downloading, and got many feedbacks and trading offers from Czech, Belgium, Italy, Thai, Indonesia, and so many countries. The process of making [Eternal Recurrence Of Carnage] was not that difficult. In fact, Nahu had plenty songs to record. And our chief engineer Mr. Cho is a huge fan of grindcore, so we had no difficulties to record the one. Through the [Eternal Recurrence of Carnage] album, we had some trading offers by Europe, Asia, and many other countries, then we could get the invitation from Obscene Extreme Fest 2013 Asia.
When you realize that you finished listening to music album, there’s a desire to listen to some more and more, and the question is, do you make a new material for your fans? When will we hear your new release?
A: Thanks for the compliment. The next recording…. Actually we almost finished our next material, its recording process almost 90% is done. That material is the split album with Sete Star Spet (from Japan, Noise Grindcore band). It will be out on November, we expect. 
Do you have a long-term plans for the band or you’re just enjoying the moment? =)
It’s a really tough question to answer that. But I believe that our members want to play in the playground called Nahu. We make songs what we want, and write lyrics what we think. So there is no fancy goals for maintaining the band. And if we could, we want to visit many countries underground scenes, and many extreme fests we can take part in. And lately, we hope that we want to make our scene bigger. So we started annual Hardcore-Grindcore fest “Suneaters Fest” in this year, and we want to make more great shows and albums. 
Is there some complications when you perform on stage? It takes a lot of effort to pour from the stage such huge energy. Do you get really tired after your gigs?
Like you said, We play 17 to 20 songs for the 30min stage. It takes a lot of effort and sometimes it feels really tough. But we are trying and trying harder and faster and nonstop stages for the tight performance.

Does it look like a problem that a lot of people don’t see a value in what they have, and always in a rush?

In my point of view, there is no problem with the number of the crowds. Although if the many crowds come to the show, then it will be good environment to enjoy the show, but good band has to play the best stage anytime, if the venue has few crowds. The point is not about the success, It’s about the band’s attitude.

Recently you performed with Unholy Grave. How’s Takaho doin’? What was the atmosphere there? A lot of people visited the gig?
Thanks for the asking. Takaho and other Unholy Grave’s members were good, and they played shows in Korea 2 days in a row. They played 19~20 songs without breaks. Everyone got stunned because of their energetic stages. The atmosphere was really hot. About 200 people was coming for watching Unholy Grave and other Korean hardcore, grindcore bands. There were so many circle-pits, mosh-pits, and headbangings.It was awesome that we got so many good twtter and facebook’s comments, and also from bands too.
I will burn in hell for this, but from all Korean extreme music scene I only know you and thrashcore-band MyManMike. Please, open our eyes and tell us what we should listen immediately from your scene.
Totally understand that, My Man Mike had a long European tour in these days. So they got famous in Europe. Korean Hardcore scene was started at 1998 maybe. The venue called “Hardcore” got opened, and some Hardcore-punk bands got played and published their albums. Such as Samchung(Old school hardcore), Seoul Mothers(Old schoold hardcore), Vassline(Newschool/Metalcore), they are the pioneer of Korean hardcore scene. And 2nd generation like 13steps (Old school), The Geeks (Old school), Things we say(Old school), Noeazy(Metalcore), Ninesin(Metalcore), 49morphines(chaotic-emotional hardcore) got famous in Korean hardcore scene. 
Grindcore aspects, we have really few bands. Nahu and Christfuck(they are awesome!!), and Bamseom Pirates (2 units grindcore band) are representative. Also few crust core bands such as Scumraid(D-beat Crasher Punk) those bands are really cool and want to recommend to you.
Don’t you think that war is just a huge inanity and it’s goal is to fill the pockets of concerned people with money?
It’s tough to answer that, but I think there’s someone who get benefit from the war. It’s clear things, and We are against to the war and fascism, and anything who judges whom, kind of those things.
Let’s talk about something else. Imagine this: 2 hour before the end of the world, and you have time to listen to 2 of your favorite albums and to drink some beer, what albums would it be?

Nahu’s member has a really different taste of listening music. I (Zinman, Drums) will choose Envy’s [Dead Sinking Story] (Japanese band), and GNR’s [Appetite for destructions] album. First one is for getting emotional mood, second one is for enjoying the moments. I like classic ones. Haha.
What’s the pros & contras in activity in the music band?

I want to talk about pros first. We can share what we like from releasing albums, and have many friends who like similar music. Many positive aspects from doing band.
Cons…. Honestly I’ve never thought about that, but I think there are less chance to enjoy with family members compared to ordinary life. That would be the problem to maintain the life as a husband and sons. 
Do you support underground scene (buy music releases, go to the gigs of the local bands)? What was the most awesome gig that you visited this year and why?
Sure we keep supporting. I like buying stuffs from Korean local bands. Lately I got Vassline’s 4th album [Black silence], and The Vegger’s self-title debut album. Vassline is awesome Korean metal – hardcore band, and The Veggers is new-upcoming punk-rock band, and there sound was incredible. This year’s most impressive show was 51+ fest, I think. It is the music festival, inviting 51 bands which got impressive activities in every music scene. Such as metal, hardcore, grindcore, even indie-rock scenes. That was really impressive to meet awesome bands who we didn’t know.

Can music shape a person, his behaviour, temper, etc?
Music can get influence to some people, but it can’t make person’s behavior or tempers. I think the matter is “who he or she is”, not about the “ what he or she likes”. It’s really relative things. Sometimes some community says “violent music can spoil children” I think it’s bullshit. Someone’s temper is the conclusion of his environment and thinking, and educational problems (and so on). Not only music or hobby’s aspect problem.
Well, this is it. Thank a lot for this interview! Would you like to say something afterwards? Some hellos, wishes? =)
Really Nice to have interview with you. Nahu wants to have a show in Russia and Europe, anywhere in the earth. It will be the pleasure if we meet you guys in the venue. Hope for those days and be well. Cheers 

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