Simbiose (27.10.13)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing, still at work or opened a bottle of beer and called it a day? =)

Hola! This time besides the beer, I’m smoking one too …. kkkkkk

Tell us a few words about every member of the band, please.

Nuno guitar-is what makes the songs!
Luis is the drummer-Ralacionados balance in all of us!
James loves guitar-balcos stages and studios hate
Steaks bass-is what makes us laugh ..
Jonhie voice-public relations kkkkkkk

Are any of a band members musically educated? Is it necessary in the underground band at all?

We all learned alone …

I should note that I like your last album, both songs and cover. Who created this artwork and who came up with an idea of a cover with deep social inner meaning?

The drawing was done by Alvaro, a friend of ours, and the idea has been made from the disk name …. “econmical terrorism”

I know that on your album Evolution guys from Extreme Noise Terror and Ratos De Porao took part in recording the material. Do you plan to invite someone else in prospect?

This time, we do not have anyone in mind …

Also you performed in OEF this year. What do you think about Trutnov and about Curby’s idea to spread this fest worldwide?

I think a good idea … as most countries do it, the more extreme the music reaches new people … but it can never forget the spirit of your festival.

Band and job take a lot of time, everyone understand that. But there’s always a time to rest. Do you have any hobby, what do you do in your spare time?

Like to do scuba diving and skating with my son!
You’re active more than 20 years already, what keeps you together and what makes you continue to throw wood on a fire named Simbiose?

I think it keeps us with this flame alive, is primarily the friendship between us, and secondly because this is not our work and is something we like, and finally because I still believe in what we sing.
Have you ever thought about retiring? Leave all this gigs and records, settle down and do some farming?))

Not … As the body will endure … Well! kkkkkkkk
Are you still in touch with bands you performed with on a stage?

Yes … Normally maintain contact with many bands that ever played … some more than others, but in
 general yes … 
What’s your opinion about DIY movement? Do you support it, maybe doing some DIY gigs in your garage? 

We know very well what is diy … this is our philosophy of life, in terms of organization of the band! Moreover, all the masters of all the recordings we did today, are ours, and not of any label.
What do you think about crazy and dangerous situation in USA? Would their default make crisis even worse than all the previous ones?

I think so … the United States, want to own the world by force! and will never look the means to achieve their ends, in other words, if they have to continue to explore, kill and steal, will surely do it.
What’s your attitude to emigrants, I know that there’s a lot of people from post-soviet countries works in your country. And what do you think about state borders at all?

See migrants as any other people! eye otherwise not only because it is here … I even think that I have more respect because taking consideracapo who had to leave his parents and be subjected to what it takes to survive in another country. For me, the boundaries were invented for us all to be identified and controlled!
What is 2013 for Simbiose? Please, sum up the 2013 year, if it’s not difficult.

For us it was a very good year, as we were able to make a tour of Europe and a few shows in and out of Portugal. is what we like to do, so it was lovely!
Thank you so much for this interview! Feel free to add anything you want.

Thank you for this opportunity … and a hug for everyone and toodas, who live in eastern europe, which over the years have supported us. A big hug

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