Sakatat (21.10.12)

Hi guys, finally world saw your full album, what reviews you get?

The general response has been quite amazing actually. As expected, most people were surprised to see that we called an 8-minute released an “album” but I am glad pretty much everyone focused on the quality, not the quantity as we’d hoped.

Confess, do you get tons of letters from fans and panties from girls fans?)))

People hardly ever send real letters these days so nasty photos that are sent via e-mail replaced the good old panties you used to get in the mail. Not that we would ever receive either one of them, though.

It`s only 8 tracks and about 10 minutes of the sound, you think it’s enough for full-length? (or maybe I’m wrong with this?)

Well, it is actually 8 minutes and 8 second long. When we put these songs together, it felt complete already so we didn’t wanna ruin it by adding more tracks only for the sake of it. We are not a commercial band or anything so we don’t have to make sure that our releases fit certain criterias set by commercial market or anything. What matters is the music. We always liked it short and never cared if it fits the criteria or anything. Even our live show is about 13 minutes long!

Guys tell us please what means the name of your band “sakatat” doesit has deepmystical sense.

It means “offal” in English and “нутрощі” in Ukranian so it barely stands for anything special, haha!

What inspires you on the creation of new material? How did you cometo grind? How was start your way to the underground?

Half of the times, the pushing power is the need to speak out what we have to say while the other times it is simply the urge to play short, fast and filthy grindcore.

And tell me guys, what’s will be the next, new split or new album?))

Our album “Bir Devrin Sonu” is the very last SAKATAT record ever.

This is sucks!((( So this year you make a really big tour, make good noise in europe andothers part of our planet, so what’s moments you remember the most?

Some rad shows we played, fights we had with local nationalists, robberies and some other stuff definitely stand out but what I like almost equally is the times we spend basically hanging out.

How often puked from overdose alcohol?))

Barely at all.

How do you like a line-up on obscene extreme in this year? do you think it`is too much metal bands? Because first of all it’s grind festival not metal…

You can’t set up a festival with almost 70 bands and make sure everyone will dig every single one of them. So, I think it is the over all atmosphere that attracts everyone and when you get to see bunch of rad bands of your taste, that is the bonus. Watching all the bands would be exhausting anyway.

Let’s digress a little bit from music)) Everyone knows that in Turkey rest people from post-Soviet countries, have you encountered problems with drunk Russians, for example? 😉

When the recent raises in taxes considered, I believe Turkey is the very last country where anyonewould get drunk.

What is your attitude for religion, because not so long ago american ambassador was killed in Libya for through stupid movie which make slander on Islam religion…

Personally, I wouldn’t tolerate any action that has even a little to do with organized religions while on the personal level, I respect people for their actions not for what they believe in so as long as people keep it to themselves, I don’t care at all. On the other hand, I believe the incident that you mentioned has nothing to do with religion at all.

What is your attitude towards the fact that underground becomes more popular? Even Alexandr Rybak had played the song with the death matal group. Maybe you should record some track wit Elton Jon? What do U think?

Anything that has any value will be embraced by the mainstream regardless of its content whatsoever. However certain things will always remain underground and fun as long as we keep it DIY and capitalism-free.    

No doubt that U are the fans of great old mince monsters like Unholy Grave, Agathocles and Rot and judging upon your discography growing up with fast temps you are going their steps,what u say raw grind in to the masses?)))

Along with early-NAPALM DEATH, AGATHOCLES and ROT have indeed inspired us to start our own band. However, we haven’t stuck to the classic grind/punk style those bands had any longer than a few split 7″ but tried to get tighter and faster.  

Why do you think grind bands so enjoy doing splits?

The idea of split 7″s must have born due to financial restrictions but I can’t think of a better format for short and fast music since most of the time an LP is too much.

You produce your releases on different labels, dont u think it wiil be better to stay on only one label? I think u have some problems with finding it. Maybe it’s better to find out yor own label and don’t be borring with finding others?

There is nothing more fun than handling things within the network of friends who share the same values as we do and are eager to chip in their hard earned cash to put out our records. Of course some labels take it more seriously than others but we are truly thankful for their support regardless.      

You have the opportunity to send greetings to friends and family)))

In that case, I would like to say that I am truly sorry that we had to cancel our tour in Russian and Ukraine as I was really looking forward to playing there. Hopefully we will get to hang out with all the friends over there soon!    

And how do you see the future of humanity? It will be incredible progress in science and we will travel in the space or human race will destroy themselves?

Human race already destroyed the future by their actions in the past so I would say let’s enjoy the last days while we still can.    

So, It`s all. I hope you will get in Ukraine with some gigs! Cheers!

We really hope so too. Much respect to all our friends and grindcore maniacs over there!

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